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While i was in Jamaica lots of memories bombarded my head, some of them made me feel so bad, and this is why i wrote this watching a pretty sunset.

One of those memories was Youssef, a kind of dad for me , that i have lost in one of those ways that we will never finish to accept.

Youssef was somebody that make you understand life like it comes, he did it with out thinking in what people would think or say, he showed me how to share , pain, lies, love, hapinness and hope, hehad a look full of honnestity, and today i feel that pain to know that he´s gone..

It´s still a bit difficult for me to think about death, becouse i really like all that sourounded me, i love those that i know that love me and they try to be next to me, but life sometimes take it all with out saying any thing.


Youssef , familly and friends.Mauritania

But also sometimes death inspires me, and this is why today i just want to look at your eyes, and remember your wonderful smiles, and eventhough my life goes fast, my future is waiting with out stoping at all, id like to say that this day is for you….

Thanks a lot Youssef, for accepting me in your life, in your familly, you are this exemple of good person that lots of people in this world must follow, me from my side, i´ll be your son whatever you´ll be, all my love.


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