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This seas to be the slogan of mister Obama,this person that since i am in the Unitets States, i´ve already had different very interesting points of view, some good , some not so good, but looking forward i just think, who really cares?, i dont think many things will change anyway.



But for instance it´s pretty sure that my way to see this huge country i´ll change, since i´ve left Manhattan, the big apple, wich i should say that wasn´t easy at all, basically it was a pain in the ar…s,in a certain moment i found myself in the midle of one of those huge higways with so many ways triying to find where the hell was the bike path to cross the famous George Washinton Bridge?, this situation cost me the first warning from a cop in this country, the well known siren and this broken speacker telling you to stop on the side, made me fell like i was a movie star,a fat cop with he´s mouth full gum, chewing like a cow, and with all those trillions gaggets hanging around him, that i am not really sure he doesn´t know how to use them, anyway, he came to me and asked, where are you going here ? , well the awnser was so obious, i dont know!, i am looking for the bike path to get into the bridge, he seamed so cross and i wanted to be a bit friendlly to him and i said, i think i´ve seen you in one of those NWPD Blue television, sucks!!! with he´s look talled me everything, but he also was confused becouse he didn´t know either where the bike entrance was, so he left and he talled me , i dont want to see you here if i am comming back, anyway after this little anecdote , i´ve bear back and finally 2 hours later i could find this bloody entrance to the bridge.



I´ve crossed to New Jersey, homeland of the Boss,(Bruce Springten), i have passed trough pretty landscapes, friendlly people, and at the same time my legs remind me that they had forget what it means pedaling.

During those days , i have been zig zagued several states, crossing mountains that talled me again to take it easy becouse my body wasn´t neither use to all this effort yet, my wrist heurt a lot and sometimes my head was more concerned on how i miss those that i love so much, like Carol´s, Joan Marc´s, etc,i have that feeling that i have left them ages ago!, but at the same time i can see them being happy smiling at me, telling me that they love me, that they also are happy , that they have their lifes, and all of this help me to understand that i have to keep fighting for them, for Gambada´s, for the value of this life that i have the chance to have, that life that puts me in a new world every single day.



My way up North, pass trough old indian routes on their way to Canada, next to lovelly rivers, and it gives me also the felling when i cross those lonelly towns, with those huge houses , like woden monsters with a lovelly mowed grass, just standind there like defying the entire world, wird for me to realise that people can live on those places but….

I also had many times that feeling, when you cross from one state to another just separated for one imaginary line, how different , people´s attitude, mood and way to live could be , all this in the same country, laws are different etc. like here in New Hampshire or Connecticut where the proud Harley Davinson people dont want to use helmet, another funny thing in a place that you can be fined 250 dollars to trow a paper, but for instance you are alowed to breack your head for free, oh man! America sometimes makes me laughf!



People´s, seams to me that they just live their lifes , with out mixing so much, just work , and not much time to be social, but i also lie if i´ll tell you that people aren´t friendlly, to me they have been so far excellent.

So, far from those funny situations, and others less funny, i can´t forget the new Halima´s, she´s doing so well, the new Rolhof hub , works like in a german presition, i am very happy and very lucky to have this new bike that Koos from Bike-Tech in Barcelona made for me with all he´s gratitude.

But i had also little problems that today´s make me walk like a DUCK,three days ago the piece that holds my sadle broked, and i had to ride Halima´s like i was riding one of those funcy choopers for almost 30 milles, the result of this is my right knee injured, and i hope i,ll hell very soon, but again i ave to say that i am so lucky, becouse i am staying in Laura´s familly house, where they take care of me like one more of the familly, they are so nice to me.



In a mean time, i´ll find time to update my site, to talk, to think and dream, finding out about some help ideas that will aloow Gambada´s giving a bit of Hope in this especial country, the country of mister Obama´s, what a mess!!

And this is how i am keeping learning, looking forward seeing those that i love with out betraying that wish to go back and hug all of them again, but i know that i have to let my heart and look being transparent and free.



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