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It has been some weeks that I have arrived to Venezuela, for me one atypical country, and also I will take the risk to say than it´s much more interesting to come here to try to understand this sort of “King”, that for sure if it was one it would be Mr. Chavez.

I´ve entered in this beautiful country from the deserted land of La Guajira, there where the Wayuu people share their land with their neighbor the Colombians without any need of real borders, suddenly the roads are very bad, cars too, and one doesn´t need much time to realize that in this country something wrong it´s going on, but of course and like always me I will let me go with the flow, this day by day that makes my life much more interesting, and among those arid lands and the bloody wind annoying me indeed, I’ve arrived to Maracaibo´s city, the second larger city in the country, bath with the water of the huge and polluted Maracaibo´s lake, and separated  literally in two by the long bridge, Rafael´s Urdaneta, another wonder of the technology, but forbidden for the bicycles,(oh man, we always screwed )

But, there he was, José Muñoz a real gentleman, he hosted me, he feed me, helped me, anyway all those things that we receive with asking anything in exchange, those people that end to be a friend, sharing this day by day with its happiness, sadness, having as a witness the sun, the night, the wind or the moon, although we travel through distant worlds.
With Jose´s I’ve discovered the Maracaibo´s that doesn’t come on the guides, those smells that doesn´t have names, we dreamed laud wishing some changes there, like changes in the lovely neighbor of Santa Rosa´s de Agua with its houses on palafitos inside the water, but we also looked for wild dreams like the ones that maybe one day this peculiar “King” hell deliver the crown to the Venezuelan people, and like this they will have the chance to open the borders of the passion of living with freedom.



And the gas for free.

I will not look at the maps because in there you go to fast, I will keep staring in the distance, I’ll look the same sky, and remember your smiles, and as usual I will see you again trough the smooth white clouds, and even If so many times life it´s so difficult to understand, I’ll believe that it’s our goal to decide how to live it.

I ‘will wait for the best, because the bad comes to often and without announcing itself , like the big surprise of the heavy rain that I had some days ago, what a wonderful sensation that one’s of remembering that smell of wet land!.

I´ve followed the coast line till Coro´s city, and small city with many colors and something very especial, The Medanos of Coro, a range of yellow sand dunes able to remind you the best days on the Sahara´s desert, we rolled down with Jose´s and friends another of one of those unforgettable moments, but, I really don’t forget where I am, in the “Kingdom” of Chavez, where people does long lines to buy milk or sugar… where the money in the black market has the double of value, where the highways are free of tolls, but the roads are crap and full of mad drivers with their monsters on tires.

A place where culture wants to get out on the streets, while some people put chains on it, oh well many thing that for sure make this country one atypical ones.



But me like always I will say what I see and I will spit what I write in bad written words as usual, in a mean time I will let me drawn into those little details, I will learn from those people that comes close to me, and at the same time allow me to share their intimacies, exciting moments that deserve the best of the pictures, that ones that we can only take with the camera of our hearts.

I passed near the Caribbean Sea, peacefully watched for Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire islands, till I have arrived to Chichiriviche that place full of little white sand islands untouchable for my pocket, although those wonders my days go so fast, and me I choose mu destiny of keep fighting to help a bit I will, far very far from anything that people could think about my life, and close very close of this personal satisfaction of being wrong or right, of being loved or love, of forgive or being forgiven, and also learning about something extraordinary that´s being alive, and at the same time to revel against the routine , or only one way to live, What the hell! Who really cares about it?



And the gas for free.

Carabobo´s it´s the name of one state of Venezuela, in their there´s Valencia the capital city where I am currently now, I am here in Barbara´s and Luis house, I am hosted much better that I do deserve, but on top of this, they give me the chance of meeting people that they may put me on the way for another donation to orphans, I really don’t know, what an immense pleasure to look again those eyes honey color, those real smiles fighting against the injustice, that pleasure of touching consciences, and at the same time having the whole universe into my hands. ¿what else can I say?

Even in this atypical country where 15 gallons of gas cost the ridiculous amount of 1 dollar, oh well, I may have to change my diet of rice and pasta to gas!
I will keep staying here in Venezuela with that illusion to find the treasures of the justice for everybody, living every smile like it was the last even if I know that I will say good bye. I will believe just in case we can see again in the other side of life.

And the gas for free.



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