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It´s been already some days that i have entered to Quebec,one of the biggest regions in Canadá, also a place where nature doesn´t lie, it is just simple huge and real.Quebec has more than 10.000 lakes that spreads thousands and  thousands of huge arteres named rivers, and those travel with anarcihsm for all over the places, there is no town, city, reserve or little village in quebec that´s not bathed by one of those rivers lakes or canals, at the same time those places are the predilected places for their population, when it matters of enjoying , walking, riding a bike or just resting, yes, Quebec has all of that, but what it would be the world or Quebec itself with out people?

Well on my point of view, it will be nothing!!, and this is the reason why i am here , people!



I am here to return, yes i say return becouse i am in Aylmer, on Shelly´s house, Shelly´s Ken´s sister, she´s the ones that i have contacted after Ken passed away, and i have promised her , that if i would travel towards USA, i´ll come up to Canada to meet her, and here i am, somehow beeing with Ken again, we trace back steps and pedal strokes, all wraped with a big smile, and hundreds of experiences lived in Africa wile i was with him.

I have to say that sometimes it´s hard to handle it,but at the same time all becomes back to that circle, that we use to put all those that we love.

I return to see again he´s blue eyes shut wide when he was laughing, and all those memories make us cry, but we also feel the happiness to realise that the world with out people it wouldn´t be nothing, and Quebec neither indeed,thanks again Ken to put me close to your lovelly family.



And going back to my steps in Quebec, i have to say that i have a feeling that i am betwen thwoo waters, when it matters of making a people´s definition, so far they have been acording my experience very reserved, they look at me from far, but never share their looks straight with me from close, so becouse of this it´s very difficult to have contact when it´s time to find a place to stay, or lay down my tired body after a long day riding, oh well!!, maybe tomorrow, maybe !.

Days keep passing fast ammong rivers, lakes, canals anb huge cities, like Montreal or Gatineau, the relieve is mostly flat, but with a west wind that gives me sometimes hard time, but not enaugh for making me stop, my knee finally starts to work as a proper knee with out much pain, only the feeling of exausting after long days riding.



Weather is hot, very hot, till the point that they say that never had that hit for so many years, 42 degrees,but i have to say that i prefere it becouse i know that this wont last here in this country, and yet the reason why Canada is so green comes again, rain and more rain.

But eventhough we had time to live one no normal event here, that was watching the world cup soccer final in one bar, full of Canadian people shouting Viva España, this was hapenning in Ottawa the capital city , that i have to tell you isn´t the place for party, but that day the city looked like a huge revolution full of spanish flags waving all over, oh man!, sometimes we all become the buffoons of the others.



Anyway, normally after tomorrow i´ll be leaving towards west, and with all my strengh i´ll be holding hard the life, i´ll keep pedaling steady to allow Gambada´s filling up with happiness as many people as i can, i´ll keep loving those that are so important for me every single day, the ones that make me believe in what i am doing, and at the same time i´ll try my best to not lie myself with the inocent virginity of those wonderful landscapes, becouse in this life of mine behind every single little bump, there´s always something new happend.

Normally after tomorrow i´ll be leaving Shelly´s house, i´ll be entering Ontario trough the capital city, that city that i can see from the other side of the river, and from the window of my room, a room that also one day my loved Kenny looked out too.

Yesterday was my birthday, in fact was one more day, i keept beeing the same person, i have thinked deeplly of Joan Marc, of Carol that she´s in Bosnia helping, i have closed my eyes and i saw they happy and loved, what the world would be with out people?for me with out all of them it would be nothing.

So, from Aylmer, rainy like cats and dogs, i´ll keep caresing this land of Urons, iroquees and othe native indians that also they return one day to recoup their loved lands.

Clouds today hand on the sky thick, dark and with out movement, this is that calm that gives you the feeling of solitude, i am so happy, and like the song says, if you like we can walk with the life…..



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