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From Jamaica where i am now, working on this new blog and triying to go back on my memories of my last time passed in Catalonia, i was there for a drem with Jess, but unfortunatlly never hapened, but now i can only think and say Thanks to many people that deserves it wile i was there.

I´ll dedicate this chronicle to all of them, eventhough knowing myself i am sure that i will forget somebody, i i will sorry about this, also i know that i will never find the words that all of you deserve.

I´ll like to start saying Thanks to Gerard, a lovelly person, that even if he doesn´t know me much, he never doubt for borrrowing me a transport to allow me to go around Catalonia, he did it with out asking me anything back, and on top of it, he talled me that it was a pleasure to help me, so thousands of Thanks for all you did Gerard.

Thanks to the lovelly crazy Xevi, to always be there when i needed, to pull me away if any truble, and always giving me hes company, all of this with never forget hes naughty smile.


The pollen of life.

Milions of Thanks to Koos from Bike-Tech, to give a new prety dress for Halima´s, and prouving me again that he´s somebody with a huge gratitude that comes straight from hes heart, admirable on those dificult days.

Thanks to Moluanda, and all the staff, to make this new blog of gambada, that i hope it will be much more dynamic, and will put me much closer of you, i also would like to apologise to them for having been so useless wile i was learning.

Thanks to Altair a book shop that gaved me all the maps for my new destinations, eventhough i often get lost.

Thanks to Silvia, for finding me after all those long years, and giving me the chance to know other parts of the world, being so kind , and helping me so much.

Thanks to Carol, to be next to me in a dificult moments, eventhough she was passing throug tuff times in her life, but she never dubted to prouve me that sometimes simple things can go much further that one real firend ship.

Thanks to my loved Jess, to keep beeing who she´s, and at the same time keep believing on dreams, all my respect.

Thanks to Aida for allowing me to be who i am , and she beeing who she´s for me , a very important part of my life.


He deserves my gratitude too.

And of course Thanks to sara and Joan Marc, for them i dont have any word of gratitude, becouse the only thing i can do is saying that i will be what ever they will need anytime, and eventhough i am pretty sure that i will still owe to them everything.

This is how Catalonia hosted me,with it´s open arms, from all of those people that love love and i do really love, and this is why today and always i guess that with out them my life wouldn´t have much sense.

Now the only thing i have left, is the believe of what i am doing, and i´ll keep figting for what for me life is, the hope of making some diference in this crazy lovelly world.

So, from now Gambada with a new brand Halima´s will tackle new road on American soil, the land of dreams(they say), i hope i can succed to make a dream of hope for those in need there too, and let my eyes see new references unstaid to see all those miseries that show us every day.

Again from the deepest part of my heart, i´d like to say Thank you for this fresh air that you give to me , and pushes me to believe, and pull me out to the old memories that the only thing they do is making me cry…



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