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Comming Back


Some of you will be thinking that I disappear, others will say, why this guy doesn´t write anything now? And the ones that follow me often all will know why!

Yes I’ve been to Spain for a while, trying to find solutions of my health problems, and after all those long months doubting about, the friendly doctor Mr.Tarcisio´s pulled me away of any doubt, now I just hope that the treatment works and my throat and lungs will throw away those things that made my days so difficult, this will be again the time to check how the “body machine” will work again, just in case I will take with me the spray forbidden by the International cyclist union.

Anyway I won´t really talk about this because I think that isn´t very interesting talking about illnesses.

But, I do will talk to show gratitude to all of those that have stayed next to me in those tracks full of questions, and again I will not say the names because fortunately for me they are so many, although I will take advantage of it to say big thanks to my mum family and Aida´s those big pieces of me, thanks to them to have the patience of always see me leaving, thanks a lot…



In all this time sometimes I have lost conscience of life, other moments I have really worried and in mean times my thoughts always traveled far very far.

From here I will have to be able to reward my mind with positive thoughts, of peace, health and happiness, and also at the same time to recover this emotional health to important when you want to invent new dreams ahead.

I´ve arrived here very tired, my body was downed, it was another big trip to unknown, no past, no future, no present and I do realize that I still have to learn how to leave many doubts on a side, and enjoying with what I do have good or bad, because we all know even myself that when time passed by, never we will recover it again.

After a very long journey, I’ve arrived here in Huaraz (Peru) again, the heart of the White Cordillera, over 3000 mts, and the place where Halima´s was waiting me impatient, well, this is what I do want to believe!

In the big city of Lima, the heat and a thin rain that not even wet me waited for me, I have crossed the city in silence without stopping, and everything had the same decrepit appearance, but finally after 14 more hours I have arrived here where everything it´s wonderful with the silhouette of those majestic mountains.



I am again in one of those places where the conception of time, obligations evens the idea of the future are very different of our way to see it. Those first looks, those dark eyes full of curiosity, welcome to Peru again…

I´ve went and came back, fighting against the inclemency of my health directly face to face, and I’ve decide to go to really find out about what I have, it was like if on witch doctor stilled something from my organs and senses, and like this gobble up them little by little, but… it won´t be like this, because here I am again, being sure that if I deliver my life to something with sense I do believe that I will never lose anything.

I will look again for the key that access to those green fields that like tongues go towards the narrow valleys, I will keep discovering new shapes in this lovely world, new peoples to share, maybe new peoples to help, and I will be escaping of the fear full of “murders” of dreams.

Yes, this is what I will do, reading inside me, and always believing that still last plenty of those places full of those innocent kids that yet evils didn´t still the freshness of their life, I will look for those places where freedom not only depends on the oppression of the others.”Bloody Hell” you may think that Nando´s spend so much time in Europe?



What do we need to be happy? Well, first I guess that we will be agree about who we are, but also and very important, big dose of shared happiness, the same ones that you guys from Catalunya, Madrid or all over the world gave to me while I was there, thanks a lot, you made me forget for a while about health and helped me to awake with more wishes to live.

Today here in the White Cordillera the day raised up grey and with a thin and transparent air, soon I will be passing again by those peoples that live in houses made by, mud, wood and tin roofs, some of them sell drinks and little things to survive, and for sure I will talk again with those women dressed with their colorful dress and their wonderful and black long braids that looks like it never ends. Simply people with a white smile and the sympathy in their faces always and of course the men!! Up and down with their bikes, or broken cars talking and shouting in these wretched hovel…

Oh man, how different it´s life when you live in the country side.

While I am thinking about it, I have the feeling that we all worry for the same questions all over the world, questions wit out answers, or maybe too many answers that we don´t even want imagine them.

Now and like always I have to enjoy this frenetic coming and going that offer me a nomad life, full of silences but also full of happiness, all in those immensities without a way, in this fascinating setting everything flow with facility, even the need of company as a way out of solitude.



Thanks to all of you for being still being here, I hope that from now I will have so many stories to tell and share with those that want to hear it.

Coming back

With the fade forehead

The snows of the time

Silver my temple.

Carlos Gardel.


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