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Since i am here in Canadá, i can realise how fast this society goes, it does till the point that´s makes me feel that i am always offside, and having this feeling that i am living in the past , although i know that isn´t so far back, but it´s far enauhg to not allow me to understand so many things in this worls made for the consumerism, and the same world that seams to have forgot about the word HELP!

It´s so advanced that we already arrived till the point to go into one of those huge shopping malls, those places where you get so tired just for the matter of triying to find a little sardine can, while you treking inside there you get so cold for free, air aconditioning runs high like the hole energy was free,but for me the biggest surprisse was, when i got till the cashier, the cashier was not there, but in echange we all had paying machines, so no more hello, no more here is your recipt sir, you just slip your credit card (if you got , indeed), and you go, so if you are like me , with a lack of those modern skills , you are basically lost in this jungle !!


Cajera llamada maquina/Cashier named machine.

But at the same time , this is a big reason for me to be sure that this isn´t my world, and i only find it , when i am out there, seeing this corn growing free and naturally, out there with this rain that it looks like that follows me where ever i am going, remainding me that lucklly we still cannot but the nature with money…

All those are lonelly moments, and i can see all those people´s that have forgoten about friendship, and then i feel a little down, but again , i have to say that somedays in life the chance also lives their precious moments, and those are the moments that will give me all the hapinness, like knowing that Shelly´s already in Mongolia with Salva, tehy will cycle through the country with Ken´s in their hearts for sure, or that moment when the chance putted Joan´s Marc in my life forever, or just the wonder to really love people like Carol´s.


Shelly´s leaving to Mongolia

Anyway with this i just want to say, that in this my worls , i would never let any single modern evolution change my wishes of knowing, of loving, helping or just having the chance to have those wild memories, that sometimes made me feel like i am seeing the birth of the World.

I am here in Ontario, pedaling ammong huge lakes , that they look more oceans than lakes, i am here triying to fing good reasons to joy about friendship, but when midday arrives, and the world immerse itself in the inertia of the silence, myself i´ll continue out there, triying to see much further, triying to help , and of course burning my neck when all around me looks like petrify..

And yes, this is how i am looking for this reason, the ones that makes me going forward , and this is the people´s, eventhough here in canada my feelings according them are divided, they are becouse of the cold reacction of some of them when they see me passing through( well, only for those that they dare to look at me),and this is how sometimes i´ll get to the night with a feelling of having lost one battle, the battle of finding a place to rest , or just people to talk, like the other day when after 8 long hours of ciclyng and fighting against the wind, i have ended up my journey , in one parking lot of those bloody motel´s around, and on top of it i had to pay 35$, to have a wonderful view to the highway, i was so cross and with selfisnness i thought bad things, but i fought hard to find the way to believe that maybe tomorrow i´ll be better, maybe!!!


Little paradise

Tomorrow, it was better, in Merrickville a pretty little village near a lovelly canal, Sue and Fern, invited me to pinch my tent in their lovelly camping, and at the same time shared their time with me, but this wasn,t all, thwoo days later chances made me pass by Colborne, there i´ve meet Frances and Lawrence, and they also invited me to their hideout, tat´s just a lovelly incredible spot on the north shores of the lake Ontario, and this is from where right now i am writing all those bad writen sentences like always, and looking at the horizon and keep believing on the good people´s will, eventhough i ended up thinking that all this bloody thecnollogy in this crazy wrold will swallow all of us, but lucklly NOT….

Good people, are always out there, they make you feel in life, believing in what you are doing, allowing you to see the world from other prespective, and often all this comes when you are already about to miss the extremlly huge african gratitude and making false comparison.

So, i may have to wait before saying anything, becouse even if i have my personal opinion of this country, i also feel proud to say Thanks to people like Shelly´s to have had accepted me in her familly, and that i will forever, thanks to Sue and Fern , for their gratitude, and indeed of those thwoo Angel´s with white hair named, Frances and Lawrence´s, for taking care of me like i was one more of their lovelly soons.


Mum and Dad / Frances and Lawrence

So, i´ll keep looking at the horizon, with the company in my mind of those tat i love, and i´ll try to find further through the unfair borders of slefishnness, injustices and sadnness, i will try to make little differences sailing on those turbulent waters of this wonderful and unfair lovelly world, that sometimes looks like i´ll forget so fast…

Me, i just wish that life will give me the chance to keep dancing with it, eventhough i know sometimes i walk over it´s feet..



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