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Another year gone, all those terrible holidays are gone too, those days that before they arrive almost everybody is veru excited and put all their energies to be happy or give presents, and soon holidays arrive and so soon they are gone, then, all the same people aren´t so happy anymore and veru often you can hear comments on the street like these,oh no, we had spend so much money, or we have ate to much, etc etc , you all know what i am talking about.

BUt during those days it looks like that we also forget about the unfair war, or about those people that with their love eyes stare for something to eat, that will help to turn off their days, and with solitude they will say also goodbye to another year, although for them it´s just one more day waiting that maybe behind i´ll come a new welcome!!.

During all those past years i´ll keep i preserve intact the landscapes, but even more intact i do preserve those moments that people gaved to me, that in the end of the day arae those moments that make sense in my life.



And this is why my biggest hope it´s keep having hope, and this is why i´ll keep going somewhere as longuer i´ll be going forward ahead,becouse nothing is yet lost if we all have the strengh to accept that sometimes we all have to have a new brand start.

Me after those almost 2.000 days out there, one day i had too that fear of loose something or somebody, to be honnest i still have it today´s, but i am surviving, and i´ll try my best to hug life with passion, and after seeing all i have seen id say that i guess that all of those that think that we are crazy for me they just die slowlly becouse they dont take the risk of the security ammong the uncertain, or just simply going behing a dream.

Yes, one more year, and we all keep beeing sometimes those weird character that play in this society to build this our convinced world, eventhough we all know that sometimes it´s a big lie!!.

Me i just keep doing and doing, i am triying to find the best place for helping those in need , although it looks like that latelly i dont have many donations, oh well, i dont know it´s maybe one of those moments that life gives to us what we really deserve?.



I cant believe , another year gone already, it´s hard for me to realise that time past this quick, the other day while i was writing on my diary i have putted 2010 when we already where at 2011, oh man! my head still in the last year, to many memories, to many experiences, to much yearn.

Yep , one more and very soon i´ll be sleeping under the stars of one of those countries where we can still hear the rooster crows, or the vendors on the streets shout, those places where you need to understand why this worls it´s so unbalanced, but again i´ll be there becouse this is where i guess i have to be, there where the looks can talk in silence, there where unfortunatlly the pain it´s always out there, far very far from the movies or television, just real!!.

One more year, and the way is still there, dust flies with the wind, and life goes beciuse it must, just with the simply fact of keep breathing, and that happiness of keep pursue dreams, and lots of borders of wrods never said, pursue the most important that me i think that we have, the time!,,to short it´s our time in this life that would be a big shame to not try to enjoy any single moment of it.

I am walking towards the light, like the sun flower does towards the sun, i keep beeing who i am with out any fear, becouse all your smiles today´s make me find the nicest reason of living.



One more, and faraway is that fear of surviving of the unfair ilnesses, that fear of not doing more for those in need, all those that i am already carry into my bags, and they aren´t a heavy wait but a proud feeling of beeing me who carries them.

Another year that i would love to be the reason of many reflexions what ever i´ll go, i would like to be the ones that keep walking when the others satnd still, the ones who does understand the value of that second of time that last on real look, the ones who understand that all in life is in the way.

Yes one more year living today´s, risking today´s, and not allowing myself to die slowlly becouse i can still enjoy the wonder to stare those eyes that know how to live in this unfair world, giving you the most value part of themselves, those that doesnt know about borders.

This lat year i have spended it here where we call it the first world, and also here i keept realising what it means having the change of having born here, this place that doesnt have place for the real pain, for the failure, and also this place that doesnt want to really understand at all.

I dont want to dream, but i do want to have the strengh to help making dreams through.

From here through the window i can see the wonderful Santa Catalina mountains , on the bottom of them one imaginary line divides USA than Mexico, on the other side of it reality seams so unfair, so, in that side i´ll be staying again with my solitude , with the freedom those thwo wrods that lean to the injured shoulders of the traveler.



One more year!, come on let´s go running we have to loose weight…



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