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In Namibia it,s rainy season now, eventhough is an semidesertic country, this year rains and has rained like cats and dogs !!!, old people say that they havent seen it since longtime ago. This is good and bad at the same time, is good to see Namibia green, good for the farmers, but bad for all of those tousands of miles of gravel roads, where the tourist cry of terror, among those flooding roads i headed west, to enjoy the redish sand, of the famous dunes of Sossusvlei.

I did it from Mariental, a little town where the Mclean,s familly from S.A., invited me to saty in Anandi guest house, and where Johan the owner tooked very well care of me. I am saying this because there, something wonderful happened to me, i,ve been interviewed for a local newspaper, till here nothing abnormal, but when Monika the journalist arrived, she did with a confused look, and a soft voice, like saying, what the hell i am doing here ? Honestlly she talled me, that she was new in this kind of job, but everything went well, and then durind the sunset, when the sun plays to hide and seek, she phoned me to ask me, if i,ll still be there the next day ?, i said yes.

And she came with one envelope with some money and a lovelly quote, that her and some of her friends (LEANDI, HONNALIE, AND MONA ),collected to blow a bit of fresh air to Gambada, and with her shy voice she talled me that i was one of the higlights of her life, i felt so proud and words less to her, and i gaved her a humble smile full of gratitude. Next day i keept going among, bumps, and amazing green landscapes, sometimes mud made Halima,s stand still, with out needing of the real stand, rivers forced me to unpack all, to allowed me to cross them, but all of this didn,t make me unhappy at all.

Distances in Namibia are long, landscapes are extrem, and there is a shortage of people, as much that in thwoo days and 14 hours of pedaling i juat passed by three cars, and one carriage, a few yes ! but very friendlly. like the Hendrick,s familly from Maltahohe that sheared with me, house, dreams, problems, and lots of hope… Gravel roads sometimes where difficult, so full of corrigation, that the only thing that you can do is tight hard the tooth to avoid to bite your tongue, eventhough i felt happy, (well, some swearing words once in a wile ).

Big, storms too, that sometimes seamed to poor downn little frogs, there are so many on the tracks. A bit of everything !!!. Wather, mud, hot,dust, corrigation, few people, and lots of frogs and not many princess, and like this i,ve arrived to Sossusvlei, tired, but admired with the beauty of the palette of colors that the sky gaved me, but unfortunattly the high price of the camping site 20 euros,turned my dreams on a pale grey colour. Obiouslly i didn,t pay, and i had to sneacke here and there to find a place to stay, and i found it in a humble house of one of the workers of the camping, for the modest price ofe one big smile….


To preserve it...

From there i could see this especial tribe named tourist, those that dress with those million pockets shirts, and carry a hug camera like one AK 47, they shoot everything, i felt relieved to see it from far. For me Namibia, has a bit of everything, landscapes to dream at, few people, and good memories, and leaving behind me this ridiculous red sky, i went towards Solitaire, a nice name for a isolated place, isn,t it ?, and among the Naukluft mountains where sometimes hided some heavy ramps, that made me desmount Halima,s and push it, this is how it was, ups and downs, and again some blody corrigation,and more swearing words, till i,ve got to Klein-Aub, to share a sky full of stars with Ken, a canadian guy, who,s been riding a bicycle for the past 25 years, he,s a lovelly humble person, with whom i,ve learned so much, the next day we roded toguether a long journey, to split again at night, i,ll miss him. Wile i was looking, on my solitude for a shelter to spend the night, Patrick,s a (bastard), they call themselves like this,came to rescue me, and putting me unders he,s hose roof, with he,s familly, before i could tuckle the road to head Windhoek, the capital where i am now, a bit of everything, civilation, stress, etc etc.

Refuged inside my tent, i let the full moon come in, and i remembered past moments, i felt so good, but somehow something was missing inside me,but then, like she knew what i needed, JESS,phoned me to say he, and her lovelly voice gaved me all i needed, and i felt that after all this gratitude now is my time to find the way, to be me who,s giving a bit of hope… With a big smile i hided myself inside my world that now is Gambada. Lots of frogs, and not many princess, last night i had the chance to talk with ones.



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