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That useful minute that helps to see the way, just one minute to understand, all those days, in fact thwo weeks full of those minutes that made possible dreams, those that make my life very interesting, after the donation at Kino´s institute, i also had the oportunity to help others, and at the same time other people´s had the chance to take advantage of me, after one minute of glory arrived a huge deception, somebody stoled my lap-top with all my project in it.

In that moment i felt so angry, but i have discovered that revenge it´s just that pleasure that just last a little if you compare it to the generosity that last forever.



My last days here i gaved to them all i am to help much more, and after some talks in the university of medicine and other schools, i had the chance again to be me the ones who distributes all this hope, and i did it again in a food shape, and gaved to Guadalupe Libre , Orphanage thwo times, and one time to the rural school of Mineros de Pilares, i did it always friendly scortered by Carmen Carballo, a diamont to polish.

In one minute i could see all those little character that suffer but at the same time are so transparent and real, those little guys that are like they want to be, and never change eventhough their lifes so many times aren´t considered lifes at all.

In those days my minutes seamed unreachables, i had the sensation of not having time for my own time, or just that little pleasure of a beer, far from all the radio, media, interviews, just that pleasure of feeling the cold air on my cheeks, talk with normal people on the streets, although i do understand and i feel happy..



Well, almost happy, becouse last night when the friendly Silvanna brought me home, sudently three shameless police man obtain that i could feel the anger, the fury against this power, what a shame that three illiterate believe that can heurt defenseless  people´s, but i´ve already forgot, althought that night catched me with out smiles, and i have decided again that i will never ever accept any injustice.

In one minute i´ll trow at the oceans this bottle to remind the hole universe that yet still so much suffering eventhough we are so many that still believe on hapinness.

But soon will arrive that day when i´ll leave Hermosillo, and then i´ll have to bang this wall that nature raise betwen me and all those that i have helped, all those that i have loved, those heart-rending hours that lead up the goodbyes, eventhough i´ll keep believing that follow just one path it´s like going back.

In one minute i´ll keep living my life with those little things that make my own life, just simple like smiling when i couldn´t, love and beeing refused, cry while listen music or looking at photos, feeling alive when i think of Carol´s, this fear of loose, but here i am always looking forward, for me, for them, and not just passing through life, i hug it with determination, and i´ll live with passion becouse all it hapen to me it´s to much just for being trivial.



Like Charles Chaplin´s said ones , Life it´s a piece of teather that doesn´t allow rehearse…sing, smile,dance, cry, love and live intensely every moment of you life before the backdrop goes down and the piece finish with out applauses….

Thanks to the kids of the orphanage of Guadalupe Libre, to the kids of the rural school Club de Leones to allow me to follow those path that start and erase in the infinite skin of the afternoons and mornings.

At night i´ll be grateful to you of have gaved me on more minute of life, this is my time, one minute now!!!




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