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It looks like it´s been so long that I was writing memories for those kids in Cajamarca´s city, today those memories are one “Bumpy-bumpy” in my head every time that I think about them, ever time that I realize what we all can do and the little that we do.

I have left there sick for so long without knowing what really to do, I have left with the doctor advice to head towards the coast and forget the mountains for a while, my trachea and my lungs shouldn´t stay like this in altitude, the non stopping cough really tired me on those depressing moments that overcome constantly, and to put a little bit more of spice in this sad scene, the sky were grey and still all the shiny light, sad yes, but me I am a fighter and I want to believe in hope, and if it doesn´t come to me I’ll take it.

So, against my wishes I have decided to go towards the coast and the low lands, I have tried to be sane because my health it´s the only real thing I have to keep going.

To get there I had to cross one pass at 4.000ms, cold, mud, rain… great! Everything that I don’t want, even though I should be happy to know that this wonderful earth isn´t made just for us, and if we will like to have pleasure for sure will have to fight.



Thousands of emotions invade me when I passed next to the junctions heading to the mountains, even more knowing that some of my friends already passed there, Sucks!, another “Bumpy-bumpy” in my head, meanwhile my face was like an unreadable map , but the sane and this non stopping cough knock harder and harder, ok then, Decided! I will go towards the coast yes or yes, I will forget the mountains, at least for now.

Even if the cold didn´t help me, even if the rain messed me up, even if the high mud stopped me, I passed through lovely landscapes, and suddenly a wave of hit whip me, from far the mist was coming directly from the Pacific Ocean, in this precise moment I felt relieve to had taken this decision, I was happy to have won my selfishness and my stubbornness, what it wasn´t very clear it was how long it will last it…

A warmly and grey afternoon I have arrived to Trujillo´s city, I went directly to Lucho´s house, the cyclists house more famous of America, the friendly Lucho´s has hosted in his house more than 2000 cyclists, so, I don’t have to say that the walls of this house spit hundreds of lovely tales, that always will be a good reference for all of us.

Trujillo´s city, known as the city of the eternal spring, well, all the time that I have been there I only see the sun ones, I don´t know but I am sure that something goes wrong.

Meanwhile I allow days pass by, I have visited Huachuca’s beaches, famous for its Totora (bulrush) boats, also named Totora horses, a real traditional art of the navigation. I´ve went also to Chan-Chan, the biggest pre-Columbian adobe city in America´s, it was the capital of the Chimor´s kingdom, and also the organization of the Chimu´s culture, today those ones that decide what it is pretty what is not , made of Chan-Chan one Unesco site, with all it means, very expensive to go there and see ugly tin roofs covering the city, so the ones who want to visit Chan-Chan and taking pictures without any ugly metal pool in it forget it, don´t go there.



Days pass by and happily the cough seamed to disappeared a bit, but something on me erase in my face all my expressions, all my laughs… with my lined head I tried to find marks of my personal battles, but the pain on my breast tide my hands, and cloud my looks, even though I had to be able to realize how lucky I am of having all of you, silences, waiting… oh man! How impatient I am sometimes.

To help myself in my personal battle and trying to find some excuses, I know that with the life that I do have isn´t easy to stay long in one place, money, time, red tape,etc… anyway who cares?

My throat it´s “poisoned” and I want to shout of anger, I am climbing on my own walls “even though my friend Salva´s tells me not to do it, because after we have to paint them”, I break my roofs, my ties and with a fictitious punch onto the table, I shout “I am leaving “to where? Towards the mountains off course, and on the echo’s countries I can hear you are not right Nando´s, but….

Over the altars of my hope there are still so many dreams, lots of children to fight for, lots… and this is how with a German couple that I’ve meet in Lucho´s house, I’ve decide to go towards “El cañon del Pato” on the way of the great Andes range.

Along the desert coast line I was looking for lost images with my worried eyes, full of doubts, but, hearing Halima´s tires on the ground made me feel alive again, even sometimes I was able to not hear my own cough, so great!, suddenly a pretty sand dune attracted my attention, I stopped get my camera to kill this moment and… SHIT, my camera doesn´t work, another of those silly moments in life, we start looking the camera all around, pressing all the buttons and believing that it will work again, but NOT it didn´t, I couldn´t believe it, and with this donkey face that I had I just wanted to smashed it on the ground, like all my problems where it´s fault, but I try to find my temper and the happiness to know that I was going again towards the mountains, Markus’s & Kiki´s they will take some pictures I hope they will offer me some ones to share with you, the rest I will take with me as always into my heart.

“El cañon del Pato” are “Bumpy-bumpy” tracks, full of rock and dust that will bring you up and up towards the never ending tunnels always protected by the huge Santa´s river, but all of this wasn´t enough to realize that every hour that pass I knew that my decision was wrong, the big scene of going against my own nature was fighting against myself.


CAÑON DEL PATO (foto,Markuss & Kiki )

And every time feeling worst and worst I was there, inside of the famous Huayla´s valley, main door of this wonderful Andes range, the rain and this ugly grey color didn´t allow me to see the high peaks, my hours then just pass, in a mean time I have try to take lots of decisions.

Let´s see if I can explain myself better, here in the Andes, we are in the rainy season, that means that it rains almost every day, and the grey sky sometimes don’t allow you to see further that your own nose, this is normally like this till May, argggg, my teeth grow long, and I get so angry, but to be honest I know that I have so many things to do yet, so, I will accept this resting time, going to see a proper doctor, instead to keep hurting myself with this “ Bumpy-bumpy”.

Health, you and this lovely life it´s the only thing I have, even if selfishness I always want much more, this time I will have to accept to stop a bit to come better.

So, I have decided to leave my bicycle here in the mountains and going towards Lima´s city, from there I will go to other places, that for sure will bring me to loved peoples, I’ll see…

I guess that the wonder of my life it´s all this incertitude, all the pain that you can´t avoid because you are like everybody, and living in this unfair and fake world I guess it´s a pleasure.

I will believe at night about dreams, those things that have never been but I am sure that they can be.

I am going out to the street and the white body of the afternoon becomes extravagantly scarlet, and ironically rain keeps staying, one known absence knocks me, it´s the youth, it does like that body that one day I had, Oh hell, how fast pass the time!.

Even though I will go towards the open spaces, there where you can live in peace, and if I can I will keep swallowing this universe full of stars fields.



Today I will finish it with my most sincere thanks to all of those that think of me and take care of me from faraway, all of those that are this fresh air when most I need, the list would be very long, but there are some today that I can´t forget.

From the closest distance to my loved Salva to always being there when most I need, and I will take advantage of this to wish him all the best in the presentation of his lovely book in Mexico.

To Jorge to constantly pushing me, and making me feel proud to be part of his friendship, and also to make me feel so jealous of his pictures.

But telling you all of this wouldn´t be possible If I didn´t have this new web site, the ones that I hope you all like, and why not maybe making you dream a bit too.

This I have to Thanks to David Oliveras from the deepest of my heart, he´s the father of this new site that links me to you periodically and it´s very important to me.

To David´s I really don´t know how to define him, he´s a special man, extremely faith of his principles, and I promise you that he has a huge heart, isn´t easy those days to find somebody that dedicates his expensive time to help others just for one hope.”Gracies mil David per fer el que fas”

With a lot of sadness I will leave Halima´s on the dark for a while, I hope shell be fine, meanwhile I will keep fighting with happiness and hope, and an top of it if everything goes ok I may see again loved people, that without them life sometimes misses something.

Allow me this little rest to come back with more energy. From the doors of this wonderful Andean range that I can´t see, this “Bumpy-bumpy” divide my dreams.


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