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Even in the paper doesn´t look like, in a short space of time I went from Inca´s territory to Aymara´s territory, but something else happened too, this strange sensation of crossing another line, an imaginary line that transport you in one second from one country to one other, this time the new ones it´s call, Bolivia.

Bolivia has received me, with a fresh air full of the perfumes of the season, but also with cold, and burned people’s faces, wrapped with shy smiles that wrinkle it till you can´t even see their eyes.

Yes, I am leaving this wonderful country named Peru, I leave it back, it´s a shame but, I tell you goodbye, I am going, but I am doing it, believing that what it´s coming next will be much better.

I will not go back explaining, the good, the beauty neither the bad things that I lived in this country, a lovely country wrapped with high and spectacular mountains, jungle, rain… yes I am leaving, but I will never erase the memories, I will never forget all those that loved me, all those kids in need that allowed me to go till their deepest wounds, they did it with a smile full of love and gratitude.

But this time I won´t forget all those charlatans that have played with my dreams and wishes to help, argggg, how many times I would like to name them, wishing that like this they can´t lie anymore, but, I wouldn´t be me, and I am pretty sure that they know very well who they are.

Closing this sad page, Halima´s left early in the morning the imperial city of Cusco, with its cobbled streets, a challenge to not lose the bike balance.



With my body full of medicine, that my lovely friends had send me from Switzerland and Spain, I headed straight to my appointment, that today with all those kisses miss there’s just nothing else that the road, and the reason to keep being myself, I will keep going anywhere but if it´s possible I’ll go to those places full of smiles, or lots of those words that I will never know how to say them.

My last physical effort, well, in terms of big passes in Peru, for me was the Abra La Raya pass, 4.318mts, this place was waiting me with rain and dark skies, and lots of wishes to rich the top, or better said, lots of wishes to get out from there, I am dreaming with the sun, even if here doesn´t warm up, just a dream, maybe I am becoming more crazy that I actually I am? Oh well, I don´t know it, better go to bed Nando´s for sure this time were the little “elf” those volatile creatures inside every one of us.

In this high plateau, where the rolling hills and the cold wind, are able to measure your temper till those immeasurable places, just very often the injured knees put you back on the real world again.

Suddenly in my silence I am discovering images that I’ve already seen before, and the thing it´s that I’ve never been here before, but it didn´t take me long to realize that I am traveling through the wonderful pictures that my lovely friend Jorge´s too ked while he passed here, It´s amazing, and just this fills me up of peace, It´s like being supporter of the absolute freedom, no god, no owner, no homeland… just this kind of freedom that organizes itself with its natural order, without laws or all those lies.



I really won’t go back to those days of compulsory things, singing in the school patriotic songs, or praying… because they said that one day, all this will be good for being accepted in the world of the adult people, for your future they said, what the hell! What about if I am dying tomorrow?

But for mu luck, in the wonderful island of Taquile´s Inside the Titicaca like, I´ve meet, the little Alwa´s, that gave me a master lesson of life, with her clean soul, transported me the closest I could be of one real life, thanks a lot Alwa´s for your silly faces and your wish of living.

Then again in my own solitude, this place where the perversions of the mind are often more fascinating that the body ones, the fatigue vanquish me, my eyes didn´t fight to keep open wide, but I still had enough time to see this big “medal” that´s the full moon turn to a candle color, good night high plateau.



The immense Titicaca Lake that I would love to change the name, and name it “pipi caca”, the floating islands of the Uros people, the old tradition of Taquile´s island, the majestic Machu-Pichu,the unnamed Andes range, the jungle… and the warm heart of many Peruvian people, all of this, today it´s already yesterday.

I am sure that I will pass through the same tracks that some loved pass before, I am sure that we will be hearing the same bells ring, the high plateau it will see us passing through death cold, but I am also sure that every time that we will raise the look, we will see this land named freedom.

I have so many things inside my head, that I don´t want to confuse between but I want or what I have, because in this journey I have understood that life it´s just what we do.

Bye and Thanks a lot Peru, thanks to allow me that doesn´t really exist a place or perfect time, but still exist lost kisses while I keep being this vagabond lost in your looks.

It´s really cold here In Copacabana, don´t confuse with the Copacabana in Brazil, here it´s the Titicaca this lake that I don´t even think to put the feet inside, so cold… but I am sure that in this fleeting effect that it´s the wind I will be able to take with me all your flavors.

Listening the “Condor Pasa” I have left Peru, and arrived to Bolivia, from here the “Pipi caca” I will keep dreaming, I will keep trying to help, but above of everything I will fight to be free, as free as a forest where nobody plants anything, letting itself finding it´s space even its own light.

Bolivia I am here.



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