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It’s been 1097 days that the tyres of jenny today,s Halima, started to scratch the earth with out any especific direction, among all those days i have shared my hours with the nature, my time with the freedom, and at the same time having the chance to enjoy, to suffer, anything abnormal when you live in a way, like me i am living now.

Desserts, mountains, cold, hot, ilnnesses, wars, thiefs, hapinness, deceptions etc etc, all of those feelings become part of me, and gave me a reason to write or talk a lot abaut, but today,s my time is to remember.

Before all those days i,ve decide to leave the confortable zone, this kind of life style sourounded by exces, just getting away from this, today i feel that i did the right thing.

Today i remember the fight that i had inside me, trying to know what could happend to me next?, i remember the anxiety that lonlynness provoqued on me sometimes, but today,s all of this is far to my memories, because i feel happy to have learn abaut the value of one second like it was the last ones.

A friend that i love a lot, talled me some days ago, Nando you live a very different life!!, she did in a very difficult moment for me, because i was feeling that maybe y wouldn,t see her anymore, i didn,t understand very well, i was to sad, but on my lonllynness i,ve realised that my life isn,t that different!, it,s just that one day i,ve decided to live acording my feelings, obiouslly i did it pushed by those kind the situations that life gives you a sign, so then i just wanted to relise weight on my wings to allowed me to fly easlly, and i opened the doors of as new way to live, another way to think, to feel, and today,s i am not sure if this means living a different life?, because the only thing i want is that days wont come or pass to hurry me up, so if is not me who?, if is not now when?.

Time to remember.

How lucky i am, to live the reality and holding it with my hands, how lucky i am to have people hwo loves me or just believe on me, how lucky i am to have the chance to help with a simple little gesture, and living today like if tomorrow will never come.

I live with the fortune to shear emotions even on my worst weack moments, like the other day that i,ve returned to Montesori school to listen the words of the student that came with me to help Dorothy Broster Orphanage, she,s very young but her feed back, was that she found the way how to spit with words abaut the reality of her feelings there, my throat was like a basketball, and a tear runned down my cheeks to tell me that her words made me feel proud.


Happy me..

This is how those days succeded each other, i could talk or write lots abaut them, but sorry i just want to remember, because all of that make of my life a hug explosion of real feelings, recovering the fear to loose somebody, the passion, the sadnness, the love..

Is that, living a different life?

Well I do think that the difference betwen me and those that would like to live differentlly, is just accepting that even today,s we can live according our feelings.

Here in Knysna, am having lots of time to remember, maybe i,ve got to much, but i feel proud to do what i am doing, i feel happy to accept the love of those that they believe on me, so what anybody can say when hapinness blow all you,re hope?

What i can say, if i have the chance to shear a dream, the ones of JESS, a 16 years old girl, that she decide to participate in one mountain bike race, a dream for her 230km on a day, and she wants me as a team mate partner, oh fuck! why i never learn how to say NO ?, this No is just a bad spanish jocke, because i am extremlly happy to destry my ars for shearing a lovelly dream, Thanks a lot Jess to have think of me…ill do my best.

It,s been 1097 days that the tyres of my bicycle started scratch the earth with fear, but today,s time showed me that to often we people are affraid of the thruth, when we all know that the thruth it,s the transparence of our feelings, so my feelings todays is that i am living every single day like a new adventure with out fear, and like this when the end of the world will come, it will find me eigther dancing or smiling…

Time to remember.



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