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This is your house country folk?

I do live a simple life, I have the chance to see and enjoy all this wonder every single day, also I have the chance to share those poor people able to offer me all their poverty without putting their looks down, how many times I feel sadness and how many others y feel rebellion, Thanks a lot country folk, I do love the air around here.

Following the same valleys that the Inca people used to go to the Imperial city, but basically I am in one inhospitable area, there´s still lot to do before get into Cusco city, but also there´s still so many insecurity days about my health that keeps without helping me so much.

This sad air that keeps dragging suffering images, it´s true that after that long stop I am physically in a bad condition, it´s true that my health isn´t good yet, all of this make very difficult to enjoy those places with the bike, around here isn´t the best game field for my third “category team”

Roads are still good paved, climb up high over 4000ms for then falling down until the abyss, with this combination of shapes, my average speed sometimes it´s less than 5km per hour, but my breathing beats all the speed records, I am not sure if the deal it´s suffering, but I am sure that this is optional, especially if once in a while we are able to kill this pain with big smiles.



This is a very mountainous area, actually like almost all the areas in Peru, access are difficult to reach, but it seems that this government wants to improve it, well at least this is what they say.

Suddenly and without any sign off course paved road ends and a dirt track starts, there´s a road block, but myself I think no problem with the bicycle I am always passed everywhere, very wrong, because a friendly girl dressed up with a orange costume doesn´t allow me to go further down, it was 10am and the road reopens at 6pm, what the hell?

After a little check of the situation I offered her a miserable and dry piece of cheese that I had left on my poor left over, didn´t work out, the lady and the barrier were still there, following straight the rules, oh well!

A bit later a cop that looked likes he knew everything “Like always “came to me and said, if you go down some km till El Arcay, you will find a dirt road on your left, you climb a bit and then you will come down to the other side of the mountain and you will avoid the road block, really? If I knew it I would send him f…k off, two days and a half of rough and steep tracks took me to go through it, and among frustration, and angry against myself, a downhill that killed my breaks brought me till the other side, Thanks a lot mister the f…k..g police man.

The hope came back when the paved road came again, but suddenly another terrible hill, here there´s nothing but wind, cold and solitude this is the puna in direction to Abancay´s city, those hills never end, even though your lungs comes out from your mouth, you just look back and say to yourself, from those mountains far there I am coming, the place where the wind assembly the clouds to allow the rain bring back it freshness.

I guess that it´s only faraway those places that we don’t know how to see it, I will keep following those tracks that aren´t nothing else than tongues on the earth, thanks a lot Inca land.



An immensity of fresh air, green and often very dusty, you just climb and go down over 4000ms all the times, but even if the cold cut your face, even if the wind hurts you, even if your health goes worth and worth it´s very difficult to not enjoy it.

But all this passion ended really fast, when I’ve arrive to this little town named Ocros, another road block waited for me, another orange dressed girl was there too, and again she didn´t allow me to go through, but this time this friendly girl announced me the worst, the company that runs the work here are late, and they have decide to shut the road this week during the day, and open it during the night, bloody hell, now I am really screwed. Had no answers and I started to feel bored into my bones cage, so many questions without answers, I just could thing about, broken spokes, punchers, pump up, and put the air down, anyway nothing that will help much my hope.

But, as they say, life always has surprises isn´t it?, among all the vehicles that were waiting in this road block was Fernando´s and Arel´s they had a mini bus brand new and empty, they came to me and offered me to take me over the road block after at night, it didn´t take me more than one thousandth of second  to pull away my ego from me and accept their offer.

And as a only passenger we arrived the next morning to the city of Abanacay´s, very tired I said thanks to them and I felt very proud to have had accepted their offer.

Next day when I start my journey again, I just wanted to arrive to Cusco, find a place to help there, and luckily find a good doctor for me, but the only thing I have found was charlatans that only want to make money.

Talking about health I would like to take advantage to say Thanks to my friends Marie & Johann for sending me pills from Switzerland, also have to Thanks my family to also send me other medicines through my friend Toti´s that goes to Huaraz this month, from there my lovely friends Malu´s and Benkelo´s they will send it to me here, I hope!, how lovely it´s going with the bicycle when you are able to find all this very good people. I am really grateful.



But to get to Cusco, I still have to long and difficult hills, those kind the hills that only allow you to think of the mother of the civil engineer that built this road, but it´s also true that often those difficult places help you to be with yourself, you forget everything till the point that you are able to smell the happiness, the same ones that we use to name it freedom!

Long weeks since I have left Huaraz city, I had extreme days, passing from the deepest pain to the deepest happiness, this is how life It´s, I guess It´s true, because the only witness always will be the time.

And this is how I have arrived to this Imperial city of Cusco´s, lovely place full of tourists from all over the world, full of Inca´s history and legends, and also full of those people that had promised me everything and now that I am here It´s like that the Inca´s land swelled them, anyway I went to find a place to stay thinking that tomorrow will be a better day, but I wasn´t, had no answers again, I really don´t understand how people we are like this? Able to promise all those things that we are sure that we will never do, anyway life´s too short  for dealing with people like this, people, good intentions aren´t enough…

I’ve been so disappointed with many people here in Cusco, but I will forget them, I will keep fighting with determination, I will hug life while I try to live with all my passion, and  I am sure that the sun will rejuvenate with the smile of all those kids and all those people that loves me, I am sure that they will see my prints again, by then I will be far again, very far.

I always feel that I was like one goodbye, and if any time I wanted to stay, wind came, dreams came, freedom came and took me with them.

I will keep leaving prints in other path, in the mountains, in the valleys and there where we cannot see because we have it inside our hearts, I will tear up my dreams there where say here passed one foreign.



And yes, how to forget the well known Machu-Pichu? One of the seven wonders, well this is what they say, and not sure who decide it.

This is one of those places that everybody dreams to get there and having the perfect scenario, good weather, not much people, anyway you know it!, but no, It wasn´t like this, I´ve arrive sucking wet, tired to walk from faraway, and off course trying to get away of all this crowd, luckily I had the chance to climb the Inca´s head above the sacred city for free, up there tired, wet and surrounded with clouds I had time to enjoy this marvel, and with all this unforgettable memories I  went back to Cusco´s city, I will stay here waiting for the medicines, I will forget all those charlatans and I will keep listening all those that loves me, I will put down my head just to hide a tear, because I am pretty sure that the print are made by it selves, we must travel among dreams and sobs.

Let live the truth: the truth of your glance…

Welcome to Inca´s territory.





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