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Mr Pepino.

Pepino, Pepino they call me  when they see me, they do it so many times that i have decided that when arrive to Benguela i,ll go to visit him.

I arrived there among pot holes, very bad roads and lovelly landscapes, the rest of war is mixed of the rest of so many traffic accidents,and one of the paradoxes of this country is , that they just aprouved a new modern and strict traffic law, the reality is still (wanker the last).

Benguela is a very calm city , full of lovelly colonial style buildings and also house of the known Mr Pepino, 82 years old , rich and famous because he still rides a bike from Benguela till Luanda the capital, he,s like one hero in Angola, so, when i arrived there i went to visit him, i was so excited to chat with him and having a picture with him , but for my surprise , he said to me i am busy , he didn,t care and pulled me away like when we remouve the dust, ohhh ok Mr, Pepino.

From there i head towrds Lobito , one of the most important harbours in Angola, and there i had the chance to be invited by Mr Antonio the honorary Spanish Consul, he invited me to stay in hes place , he gaved me the chance to use internet, and he shared lovelly moments with me, one day he asked me , do you miss something? it was so fast, so i awnsered no i dont, and then he said , what abaut food?, and because he,s from Galicia a spanish province i said yes, Pulpo a la Gallega (galician octopus), then he didn,t say anything.

At night i passed next to the kitchen and i saw some huge tentacles figting to get out from onbe big pot, like they wanted to scape, tehy couldn,t and not later they were in my plate as a delicious galician octopus, thanks a lot Antonio for all you did.

Next day with Halima i went to say goodbye to hes office, and my surprisse was when the police in the main gate didnt allowed me to lean Halima against the wall, he said that the building was a goverment building and my bicycle didnt look nice there, and also that was dirty, oh man, i looked at him and i wanted to die of laugh

The building is so broken, the lift doesn,t work till the war times, and the police ? well, himhe had a t-short full of oil spots all over, hes shoes looked like they just arrived from one sand dessert storm, and trough one open buttom of hes fly, i could see the disgusting colour of hes underwear,such a perfect costume for one of those bad scary movies, but eventhough Halima,s didn,t look nice there.

Man sometimes i struggle so much to understand why things happend in life, the A flu, HIV, corruption… but also why 4000 thousands kids younguer than 5 years old die everyday someplace in this lovelly world?, but this wasn,t so imortant because Halima,s wasn,t clean enaugh to lean in one goverment building.


So good taste..

So full of angeri left towards the capital, Pepino, Pepino they called me, and now that i had meet him i felt more and more hungry, but a very long and difficult hill stoled all my energy to say anything, and i felt that something was wrong, my body was so weak, one diahorrea, made my days so difficult , but again in my journey beside it , other things happen too, and i would like to share it with you .

When finally i could get into one lovelly downhill, i let myself go but in the midle of it , a car stoped there and people waving at me , made me think , oh no ! another pain in the ars!!, this time i was so wrong, it was somebody who listened me on the radio and recognized me and wanted to give me money for the project , and telling me that he was proud abaut what i was doing, i was so happy even the strong diahorrea couldn,t stop my happiness.

nd with out loosing the step of living i,ve got close and close to the capital city, but my body betrayed me again, and the sky felt till my toes, all become grey and suddentlly i found myself on the ground, a car behind me had the tactfully to not killing me (national sport here on the angolan roads), and at the same time taking me to the capital,

And is like this that six hours later , of waiting in one expensive hospital all the money that this friendlly person gaved to me fliyed away to pay the bill and because one Mosquitoe, the result… Mallaria again!!!! Blody hell Nando!

but because of the help of Pedro from the spanish ambassy , i could leand my deadth body in one house in the Villa of the Spanish Cooperation, a bunker with swimming pool , tenis courts…. and big white walls in one grey world, behind them Luanda a city named jungle, where it was build to host 500.000 people and todays host anarquilly more than 5 millions .

Angola, Mr Pepino, Luanda, accidents,mallaria, confusion, and the house with out being tide (spanish expresion), that means all a mess…

Anyway me i try to fill of sky my hurted lungs, and at the same time try no to get stocked in the edge of the way. far, close.bit of bit a country in sail.

Knowing that everyday is like one new little life isn,t very convenient to waist it.

Wanker the last ones Mr Pepino.


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