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Meet the street again.

Even if doesn´t look like it´s been too much time that I am here in Huaraz city, my health, the talks and donations, somehow clued me here.

So many things happened to me that my memory struggle to remember it all, how many time I am asking myself why, there are some things that stay in my memory and others simply no?, I just completely forget, it´s like those question marks that float like aren’t attached to any link.

But, how come I could forget all those moments that leave huge prints on me, the gratitude of Malu´s and Benkelo´s, mostly of the things that I did here in Huaraz wouldn´t be possible without their help, and on top of it they host me in their place like I was one more of the family, I am pretty sure that doesn´t exist words to express literally what they deserve.

Or, those lived sensations that I had with the other donations that I did, oh man! I am sure I will recover all those moments when I’ll stop and look back, I will find again those lost images, already buried inside me, but I will remember all, no matter how chaotic or messy they will be, I will design again those shapes that only me could understand, moments that memory will be able to allow me to revive the past like I was the only spectator of my own attracting attention.



I will leave with all those memories before the cold keeps going all over like an ice mass that take up everything.

But in those doubting moments I also had to go back to Ecuador´s Border, matter of my Peruvian visa, either this or paying 15 dollars per day fine, so, I’ve rushed to the border, those places where one can imagine any kind of extraordinary histories able to make any mind fly, a realty so estrange that it´s always very difficult to understand, and of course! As usual I had to pay the frustration and the injustice of those authorities named police man or woman, that do whatever they want when you need a simply and sad stamp in your passport.

Anyway! Forget this, and I went back to Huaraz city, and more interviews, the art of being interviewed, it´s a mixture of a temperament and patient and maybe some ideas, but in the end of the day the advantage it´s always from the side of the interviewed.

Peru, lovely country, full of opportunities to make business in this world in crisis, Oh man, please can somebody discover a new living planet, because I think this one’s it´s “fuc…d”, far from this, Huaraz city starts getting full of this new kind of tourists, the ones that look desperately places to seat with “wifi connection”, like this can find their individual world, one table, two people, two tablets, two I-phones and no word between them at all, welcome to the new generation, the universal connection, and the infinite stupidity.Luckly I still have the smile of the kids.



I really hope that health won´t betray me and I´ll can go to those places where the technology it´s still to steeps behind, and where simple things like, chatting in the little towns café, or discussing tales around a fire in the cold nights, it´s still one of the most important things to do, those places where the day it´s a good day if we cold grave something to eat, or why not being able to make someones laugh or…

Because I guess, in the end of the day we all need to change in something pretty different once in a while, although in my memory of today I´ve lost all the memories of pretty landscapes, my health put me away to much time of all those things that I do love, and this is why, here I’ve shouted, jumped of happiness but also cried listening music or watching pictures of those that I love and can move.

Yes, I guess it´s time to go on, time to let back the grey cities, full of smoke and where so often you can´t see the mountains, the forest or the greenish, places where the eyes miss the ideal places to get lost, those friendly rolling hills, surrounded of high and snowy mountains, and full of surprises coming from those new places to discover.

So, here in Huaraz city, a place where some people dare to call the “Peruvian Swiss”, here I will leave a big part of me, and also I will take with me the immense gratitude of so many people, but also I will take a hug deception towards some others.

Here in Huaraz I have emptied myself fighting for those in need , seeing like many of the responsible of those didn´t care and constantly lie to me, they gave me another lesson, a lesson that I don´t have to accept again, sad, very sad, I have lost another battle, although mu conscience feels very good, I have loose but I am not going to play their unfair game, I won´t because I am sure that in the end my daring I’ll make me win, it will, because I am still able to close my eyes and see all those people that helped me and showed me that the world belongs to those that talks true, to those that dare, because in the end of the day the life of each other it´s over everything, life it´s so important to be insignificant. Thanks a lot to allow me to be next to you.



This is how I will take all those moments with me , in the cold and silent nights, I will take the good and the bad, as well what I didn´t discovered here, yes, I am finally leaving and unfortunately goodbyes are always hard moments for me, I will try to be strong, it´s amazing how different it´s saying Hello or Goodbye?, it will be a goodbye without farewell, a silence among voices, but I promise you that I will leave to you my look even though you couldn´t see it .

See you soon my dears, the sun hides and a pretty full moon comes out from this broken cloud.

It´s not the time that passes by, it´s us that we move away towards the shadows of the unknown, just life, like mine that leaves every day like water threads between my fingers .

From the far curve I will see the lovely mountains, I will follow up the river and I will dream that health will respect me to have enough breath to bear the memories of your gratitude.



Blue skies during the day, nights full of stars, rain smoothly leaves too and me with them I will close up this door of my life here with all of you, we all keep being like the day we meet, and with the distance we´ll talk about our happiness or sadness. You will keep fighting, and myself as usual I will keep looking in life those crazy dreams, the ones of helping, what a craziness that one’s of trying to be close of the reality without lies.

With my lost look, and the steps I don´t know where, the nostalgia stills my mind, my heart ready to blow up, and some tears shouting freedom, this is how I do feel now, but I won´t give up, because my life it´s still full of passion, dreams and happiness.

I will leave following the path of freedom, and in a mean time I would like to Thank you for leaving those prints in the hearts of some people, today I’ve awake with a wish of living, but I will leave with different feelings, first, the ones of the repugnance, indifference and malice of all those people able to invent anything to pretend, but in the end of the day they are only big “Charlatans”.

But I will leave also with the great feeling of being loved, with your smiles, with your gratitude and this chance that you have gave me to help those in need, all this wrapped with the beautiful and immense “Cordillera Blanca”, I am sure that those moments will be my future light in my following dark nights.



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