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Bacano It´s a very common word often used here in Colombia, It´s a word that means that something It´s very good or you like a lot.

This is how I do feel here in this lovely country that every day surprises me.

I have been all those past weeks dealing with the high hills on those curvy mountains, I´ve passed breathtaking landscapes, the exactly same breathtaking of the hard hills, that the only thing that you can do It´s fighting against yourself .I have shared lovely nights full of stars, cold, heat… but, what I had shared the most It´s that wish to keep leaving tracks behind me that will never disappear, even though I know that I can´t think much of the pain of my heart, I have to keep observing this wonderful life that I am living or decided to live, indeed! If isn´t me who say this, who will be?



I´ve been winding on the Andes range, having time to savor the cold drops rain mixed with my salty drops of sweat, in every stop trying to breath properly I have enjoyed the lovely scenery of this “ Bacano “country, I had feel the hope of arriving to one place for help, and my first idea and plan was the big Bogota´s city. There the Zapata´s family took care of me like one son more in their family, they also helped me to meet some contacts, but, It didn´t work out.

Again, I had this strange sensation of feeling that the people don´t really care about you and your goal to help, It´s very bizarre realize that we can have problems even if we would like to help those in need, those are those moment when we can change the whole idea that we have about one country, even though I know that I am wrong, because hopefully there´s still lots of people that would like a much better world, but sincerely I feel that we all become less and less solidarism and more and more selfish.

Anyway, after this reflection it comes in my mind the lovely African proverb, “lots of little people, in many little places, doing little things, can change the world”

Bacano, yes, It´s true, this country It´s very Bacano, but It will let me big deception moments too, I tried to find voices among the crowds, and I only heard so many excuses and lamentations, then when I tried to understand why?, everything fall apart in my dreams, first it look like very real, then nothing at all…



Anyway, who cares! Everybody It´s free to give up whatever they want even though we all keep being slaves of our wishes.

I have left the big city, this concrete monster with lovely neighborhood to get lost, and feel those times when living in a city was great, and people could enjoy a bit this short life that we all have.

I´ve headed again toward the mountains, this time to jump down to the hot valley of Huila´s province, I´ve said hot?, I am sorry way much more than this, extremely hot, I´ve visited the Tatacoa´s dessert , sharing, shapes, flavors, colors and the extremely friendship of those people that leave their prints on my journey.

And here I am, In Pitalito´s town, where everybody get ready for the Saint Jean and Peter´s festivals, a huge tradition in this province of Huila, that it´s nothing else that the biggest excuse for drink, drink and drink more, no Nando, forget the help now, we are on festivals.

Sadly for this, I realize that I am about to leave this lovely country on my way to Ecuador, I will get into the jungle of The Alto Putumayo, passing through the Sibundoy´s valley, that place where people dare to call it as, “the road of the death” It looks like the falls are eternally deep down, but if you get to get over this, you will find yourself right in front the wonderful La Cocha´s lake, this mysterious place where indigenous people went to get its energy.

All this energy It´s the ones that myself feel when I remember the pretty moments of gratitude, from all those people that helped me, faded me, listened to me, all of them In almost every province that I’ve passed, with them I have shared, my happiness, my deceptions, my worries, and with them I have learn a lot too.

While I am writing this, It comes into my head how “Bacano” It´s this country, even though very tuff with a bloody 80 kilograms bicycle, but, me I say this Is why we got life, isn´t it? so let’s suffer because this is a pleasure.



I will continue putting myself challenges to beat them, and in my adversities I will try to be strongest, I won´t stay near the arrogance, the lies or jalousie, I will try to live every day like It was a new little life, because in the end of the day , nothing will change at all. The sun, the moon, the ocean…

And I am sure that many of those days when the night comes I know that I could sleep, many of those day will come again, and In this silent moment of my journey I will take with me, the same that I brought when I’ve born, my body in peace, and my heart in war.

It rain on the picks of the high mountains where I am going next, the streams break down on its way to the end, leafs get shiny, what a pleasure to feel a bit free In this unfair world, and at the same time see into the abyss of the wait the beauty of one lovely life waiting for you.

How “Bacano”





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