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Leaving far behind the vinyeards of the Weastern Cape, well protected for those pretty mountains.

Leaving far behind, towns or villages more or less with a life style, and just heading towards the dry lands up north, land of dramatic landscapes, on this semidesertic areas, areas that let you unprotected and against the whims of nature, wind whips stronglly, the sun falls heavy down knowing that you wont find so many trees that accept you under them.

but eventhough, i ride next to the Olifants river, that flows pacefully to give life to all of those dry places.

When i,ve left Citrusdal, a tiny village that welcomed me with a stunning sunset, and some drunk people that tried to make friends, in fact ! they dont have money neither jobs, and they hide and lie the life behind those traditional alcohol that kills faster that the aids itself.

The heat doesn,t gave me a breack, but sometimes i had the nice gratification of a huge water warm, (an irrigation canal that flows for 260km to give water to 900 farms, and more than 10,000 hectars), that refreshes my swetty, thirsthy, smelly and tired body, i wonder how the fruits they will taste this years after me bathing on it, ? ha ha .

Heathing North, wind and heat, flying toguether, when day we reached 46 degrees celsius, but me i,ll try to forget, and dealing with this part of South Afrika, where the presensce of the Boers, still preserve their pride, difficult to cope…

They speack Afrikaans, but sadlly some of them make sure to say CAFFARD, in english, when is the matter of talking abaut, black or colour people, like in Clanwilliam another town where today still have places where them arent accepted, oh sucks!, i guess the sun afected their brains, it,s so hot here that even the main road in Clanwilliam is made in concrete, because they have realised that the tarr melted all the time.



I am leaving with my thoughts, into those desertic areas of Namakwaland, world knowed for their beautiful palette of colors, because of their wild flowers, also land of mines, and of course diamonts, everybody like them even the thiefs, and i heard so funny tales abaut them.

Like this i,ve got into Springbok, on the bottom of the pretty cooper mountains, and also as boring as the other towns.

But, those days among those lands, i,ve realise that the future here it,s like a rocking horse, that goes back and forward, back and forward, but stays in the same place, just giving the comforting illusion of the motion.

Those days i have also realised that the slaves with out the boss, are free, but the boss with out the slaves are simply nothing.

I am shearing those dry lands, trying to win time against the sun, trying to be better that my shadow usually always ahead me, all this ammong wonderful sunrises and sunsets, and at the same time enjoying the freedom, but sometimes i am feeling like the dying fire, that is like the real scene of my mood.

Heading towards the magnificent Orange river, Namibia will open their doors for me, to leave behind lots of names, lots of people, that so often they made me feel a bit more human being.

I cant stop thinking of my lovelly Jess, and lots of other people, that gaved me the chance to feel like the wood, not because it burns, because has the wonder of floathing.

Yes, i am leaving a difficult country, full of contradictions, and where so often the respect comes or goes, acording the colour of the skin.

Namibia will open it,s doors for me, and me i,ll try to open wide my heart.

Maybe something should change ? ….



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