Solidarity project against child poverty

Charity Project

Gambada Solidarity Project

I was born in a morning of one day of any year what really matters this? he did it crying, of course. Restless and always ready to go up and down, until you realize that far from this consumer society there may be something else.

We left everything behind and riding is really all up to what many have thought but have never been able to do, just go further.


It’s a personal project designed to leave behind a life stage and start a new one. The family, loved ones, friends and all those who will miss you, travel with me at all times, riding with me, helping me find all those things we often see on TV and think “poor. ” With them, I learn and I want to be supportive and that all financial contributions received, the dedicate to help all those that I deem necessary, making it personally.

Moreover, I believe and trust that life gives me all the while pedaling for new roads, new people to believe, while those who really want me to continue believing in me.