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When we arrive first to Toronto city, everything seams to be so huge, but after a wile you´ll realize that also Torornto it´s a city with lots of mixed different cultures that makes it much better of my point of view, Toronto also has lovelly beaches on the shore of the big Ontario lake, this is the best spot of where Toronto´s people goes to do sport , walking dogs or simply let the life pass by.

But for me as usual in cities my target it´s leaving the concrete as faster as i can, i am not use to all this nosy anymore, and i headed down south towards the magnificent Niagara Falls, the falls itself are impresive, waters from the lake Ontario,Michigan,Erie,Huron and Superior meet down there on the Niagara river to fall cheeklly to the deepest of the heart, yeah i was there, but as i arrived i wanted to leave, it´s true that the falls are superve, but all the surrounding it´s just made of making money, and indeed it breaks all the beauty of this place , i felt so disapointed, and i left to another target , the North this time.


Hacia el norte / Heading North

Far of this big turistic lie, and closer to the mother nature, my way was passing through the coast line of the gorgeous Georgian Bay, water all over you can see, woods and loneliness, at the dusk times , if i am lucky to find one spot where i can see all this inmensity and on the other side of it, this place that we use to call home, i can see the loved ones too.

the oppressive neighbourhoods are already the past , and sometimes our liberty becomes on the simply fact of just having the chance to walk around, this is how it´s here but also i cant feel a huge humain warm, but don´t take me wrong, those that they have opened their houses for me , they did it with their extremlly gratitude towards myself.

Roads up here are normally good, but strong winds blow against me , it´s like they want me to go slowlly and apreciate this wonder of the nature in this remote part of the world named Bruce Peninsula, that i haven´t words to descrive it, but i do can say that sometimes illusions twist the expected into the unusual, so is almost as good as you can get.

I keep going straight with my only objective of helping, and i´ll keep fighting for it, eventhough sometimes here i feel that people´s have too much, and this maybe doesn´t allow me to see better further on.So i´ll keep being on the road that place thta´s my destiny al also the imagination that i can have for it.

In a mean time i´ll enjoy that this inmensity that gives me this clean and non polluded sky that keeps me on this new world everyday that sometimes it´s like a labyrinth, that hides mistery and surprisses too.

This is why i am moving towards Manitulin Island, land of the Ojibwe, Odawa´s and pottwatome´s people, native indians that i hope they allow me to smoke the pipe of the peace, and listen old lovelly indian tales inside one of those teepees.


poles of this tent dont breack

Wile i am waiting for it, for the first time after more than 1800 days since i have left, i am listening music wile i am pedaling lack of kidness of people, i am waiting that something hapend, and pull me out of this gap and this wait with out any perspective at all.

When i am sitting at night looking at the far end of the waters of the Huro´n lake i have a feeling that maybe all will be finish just behind this perfect line of the horizon.

I am in the land of bears, snakes, mosquitoes and indian people´s,Bears? didn´t see them,Snakes? better dont see them, and Mosquitoes? i just keep loosing all the battles against them.and what about indians?, i just hope that i know how to use the language of the concord and having the chance to dance with them in one of those coloured Pow-Wow, traditional dances.


i am not scared of this ones

Right now , i am reading at myself and it looks like that nothing ever happend, well it does, today´s when i awake one pol of my tent broked , leaving me home less for now, some days ago, a racoon opened one of my bags and stolled all my food, and last night a mosquitoe attacked me the hole night, till the noisy Clap Clap of my hands killed the last ones.

A deep silence came down….

Try to find me there where you can see the light, the ones through your heart, this is where my house will be.


la luz / the light

Pow-Wow, the dance that brings lovelly relationship betwen native people



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