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With a bicycle.

I am the mixture of those yesterdays that bring sense of my existence, I am the consequence of what I have been, I am or I had to do.

And love? Good thank you, It´s the subject for those that understand “A challenge for those that leave, a miracle for those that come, and a dream for those that stay.

I keep in this universe of thoughts, perpetual images.

Text, written for this good writer and better person that I have the chance to share my hours with him. GABRIEL ALTO

With a bicycle…


From the last looks towards the infinite Cafayate´s valley, I said goodbye to Antonia’s, a little crux of the Guadalupe´s virgin tied up to a thick chain, drop towards the “deep valley” of her enormous breast, Antonia´s has a youthful smile and dark eyes that reflect peace and calm, she travels in her old bike towards the market early in the morning when food it´s still fresh, I said goodbye to her, in my own silence, I did it with the aroma of the morning wet grass.

Weather it´s still fresh, well, let´s say still cold, and to be honest I am quiet tired that my body don´t receive any warm, luckily that still remains the human warm.

I went west trough the famous route 40, trying to forget the strong wind, justify in my thoughts all those stumble, pain and injustices that brought me where I am.

Landscapes are so different; colors go from red to green, from brown to grey so quick always guard by a perfect shiny blue sky, only the wind was able to pull you out of this lovely addiction.

Days pass by under my looks, the same ones that later I will do my best to express in a white piece of paper, a paper that I will dirty with all those things that happen to me, luckily so many things, that I also forget so quick if I don´t spit it in on piece of paper, from the most deeper place of my heart, the same ones that smiles, cries or simply fight to be better every day.




Like always with bicycle.

I will go from Chilecito´s too Villa Union, I will suffer in the Miranda´s hill, I will enjoy the landscape and the only thing that will bother me will be the wind, It will challenge me with its sharp knives till Guandacol´s village, there I will patiently stare my road map trying to find out where I am going, even though I know that later I will go to Mendoza city, there I will stay for a while and help if I can, because in the end of the day this is my reality, the best reason for keep dreaming in my fantasy world.


These past days, wind and my passion of doing things that sometimes aren´t possible to do made me suffer, but, I did it with all the happiness that I could.

This is how I’ve arrived to Albardón town, a place without charm, that means a place with lots of hills, but even though this town isn´t pretty, has a place with one extraordinary charm, the Tia Nora´s farm, in this place Lucia´s and Pedro´s gave to me another lesson of friendship , gratitude and simplicity, that helped me to forget any of my anxiety, there I’ve shared lovely afternoons with a Czech couple, one Australian guy, one of the best artist from the area and two French girls with a permanent smile, that also gave me fresh air for Gambada´s project, afternoons that me I wasn´t the protagonist, I was one more and this I love.

What a life, this ones of the dreamer without dreams, the life of the vagabond without maps, the life of the ones that can´t decide his way because the surprises and passions always change his route.




This is how I’ve left Albardon town, this place with lots of hills, but also lots of friendship and peace, I went towards east, when In the map of my world the direction was south, but getting away from the road that I was thinking was the best answer of my doubts, there, the best friendship, honnestity and generosity of a humble family that will always travel with me, and also will be a part of my future donations, Thanks a lot Graciela´s, Victor and all your family that I love so much, what a madness!

Where the hell It´s the south? Leaving behind long happy nights I hit the road with those memories that crush my heart and this sensation I don´t like much.

But in my mental map, I could only see Mendoza´s city,  I want to get there, I want to do something there to help those in need, those that haven´t the luck that I have.

With a firm pedal stroke I went against the defeating wind, on the west side I could see the Pre Cordillera with its snowy peaks that lead toward the Andean range to protect the majestic Aconcagua mountain, the well-known vineyard, bombarded me with those images that transported me till the last time I was here long ago, I am so close that I can almost touch the peace of those wonderful parks that Mendoza´s city has, but… the wind and those road killers that are trucks and cars won my battle, and I have decided to leave again this road and going towards east again till Lavalle´s village, definitely the best way it´s the ones that you think that you don´t have to go.

In the squirts of the village I have stopped to ask to a gentle man where I could sleep, suddenly with a shy face but a real conviction Alejandro´s appeared, he loves sport, he loves bicycles but what he loves the most it´s life, he closed the circle and took me to her lovely sister house, there they gave me the best that they could without hiding any of their realities, another lesson of friendship, Thanks a lot Annabel’s and Alejandro´s to have passed by my life.

But Mendoza´s city was still 40 km away, too close and too far at the same time, and finally Friday the 20th I’ve headed towards Mendoza´s city, ¿what it will happen to me today, I was thinking? It didn´t took me long to have one answer, from far I could see a group of cyclists welcoming me with a big smile in their faces, they were coming  to look for me, there was the first time after long that we were in touch that I could hug Patricia´s, among sweat, wind and smiles my Mendoza days started.

It´s just some days that I am here, and I already have another lovely mum, her name it´s Patricia Eugenia Stella Delgado, but I also have a little family that helps me to have the best views of a magic world, they are almost perfect, and are well keep by those magnificent life actors that live behind the curtains, those are you! Humble people full of passion, Thanks lovely Patricia´s, Marcela´s,Corso; Claudia, Osvaldo,Gabicito and many more, thanks a lot for your love.




A new chronicle, that again the lovely “ Halima´s “brought me too a world of passion, a world that allows me to write about other things than bad roads, punctures, bad weather, etc.

I know that those moments aren´t forever, but I rather keep believing in those feelings than obey the reason.

I will keep living the moment, because this is for me the best way of not looking back.

To get here I had to deal with those days that I knew that I couldn´t sleep, those days brought me too you, and I know that one day I couldn´t leave without taking you in my heart.

Let me explode, spend my energy or just get drunk with my senses and smiles, because I know that when I feel alive and more human I am able to conquer the impossible, but if for any reason isn´t like this, I will keep going like not many do, I will look in my life those broken dreams, who knows! Maybe something will happen…

Thanks a lot for those long nights, those kisses, those jokes those…I hope none of it will come again with the same shape, you are another opportunity in my life.

If the day of my departure arrive, I hope I’ll do it  having helped a bit, I will go with my best smile, because I am sure that my words would never express my real feelings.

When I´ll leave turn on the stars, because I am sure that wind will take the light with it, I will go with your hugs because your prints are already in my arms, path by path with my bicycle I will undress all my fears.

Today after writing this I am sure that I will have the pleasure of sleeping on top of the belly button of lovely memories, thanks a lot.

A bike, a passion, a wish.





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