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Like always I keep catching dreams, but every year for these dates I dedicate my deep feelings for those that I have lost, and I’ll never find again.

My heart still waiting for you in this place where you decided to leave forever, I try to find you so much, while I am trying to forget ,but I still smiling when I remember, and no matter I want or try it’s impossible for me to forget.

I am sure that one day or any night, you’ll come back on my memories, like you do every year in these dates, then I put my glance over a white piece of paper and this is how I raise again the curtain of my innocent love, this lethargic love inside me, and you are the strength that I need to keep catching dreams.



To you, Valentí,

My dad, you always have been the glint that illuminates my ways in this life, my life of opening and closing doors constantly, you have penetrated into my heart, when you hugged me before you died saying these words that flood my thoughts and make me dream, even though sometimes I just want to cry, you always showed me that there’re plenty of reasons to laugh.

I love you not just because I am your son; I do because you showed me how to “fly” you gave me the hand that always will bring me forward, Thanks a lot to make me understand that no matter what happen to me, I should live this life day by day, and not being worried to sort out my life in one day.

Love you…

To you Kenny…

This person with a lost look, free heart and strong like the wind.whith you I’ve learned how to count stars even on the darker nights, with you I’ve discovered the real freedom, meeting you and spending all this long time with you, it was always a privilege for me, a unexpected luck, with you I have learned how to live among the transparence of your wise words, with you the word monotony disappear of my daily dictionary, you dared to share my dreams eventhoug  you didn’t share  it in the same way than me, we played how to share new futures and adventures that never existed.

You always could discover me with your glance, with smiles, with complicity… and always without asking anything back.

One day you left, and you left me your silence, and today I am sure that would be an insult if I hide what I am thinking. So often you’re this refreshing antidote that makes me better person, you just left a huge print that tattooed me forever. Thanks a lot Kenny to show me how to count the stars. I miss you…

To you Halima….

You left without saying anything, suddenly and in silence, you did it with your best smile, the same ones that often was my air to breathe, your simplicity was able to steel any deep part on any strong emotion.

You left without saying anything, and I had to invent your presence, and putting name on my dreams, from my sigh I could find the way to caress life, and now very often I shut my eyes to see you, when I am doing it I am still able to draw your strength and love for life anywhere in the air, If your presence was impossible, I could explain my dreams to the wind, and at the same time I could put sounds to the silence too.

You always knew how to spit this nobleness wrapped of real feelings, and this is why so often during these dates my steps marks your absence in my journey, in my tears, in my smiles, in my obscurity, your presence flow into my veins, knowing that I am free and you are happy where ever you could be .

Thanks a lot to allow me to share a little bit of your life, to make me learn, laugh, suffer, grow…thanks a lot for all these stolen dreams and allow me to be a witness of your difficult life.

My words will never express all the gratitude, no matter where you are, thanks for offering me the wings, thanks to make me discover this little boy on myself, thank you to help me to be a better person.

I will keep staring out of this window that reflects your lovely smile in the sky and like this and like this I will have the chance to express my gratitude no matter where you could be. Keep dreaming dear.

And of course to all of you, girls and boys to whom I have put all my energy, dreams and passion to try to give you a little hope in this unfair world of you, but life betrayed you, and you left me without giving me the chance to tell you see you soon, without thanking you for all the love you gave me, you did even when you lived impossible moments to live

It was so beautiful listening from your broken lips how you shouted my name, and even if you are not here anymore, I really can see you, and even if my heart it´s broken I can feel the serene beat of your presence, thanks to draw your presence in my own universe, and doing it with these lovely colors of the spring time.

Please keep fighting for a better world, I love you all…



So, then here I am, watching this life passing trough, but I won´t take refuge of the sad memories, I’ll never reopen the bounds that have already healed or should be healed by now, I will keep building this life that never belonged to me.

And even if it was long that I wasn’t write anything, I can tell you that I am still in this path of catching dreams, sometimes it’s true that it looks like arrives to the end for me, but my bags of everyday even here are full of memories, nostalgia… and if I can I will fill it again with lots of hope and happiness.

Yes, it’s true that I had to find the strength of taking the decision to stop for a while, or the time that my feelings could decide for me, so here I am with the hole conviction of keep opening the doors of the truth, opening the doors of y feelings, and if you don´t allow me to cross them, I will do it in another life, I will invent hopes or… but I will because I am sure that something wonderful has to come.

And here I am talking to my “life” and remembering what I was written not long ago.

I wanted to offer you my hands when you most needed to stand up.
I would give to you my eyes, just in case you needed to see things from another dimension.
I would give to you my lips, if the tenderness abandoned you.
I would give to you my heart, like this you would never run out of love.
All my hope, while myself I am lost on it.

So, if you leave, you’ll have to come back because you have taken the very best of me…

I will staying here, dreaming with the journey that I am deserving anyway, I will enjoy of the

wind that blows away all these unfair shadows, and even my doors could shut up or if I am traveling  for distant worlds I always will believe on the truth of my own feelings, and for this I am sure that I will have the wind, the sun, the… as a witnesses.

I will keep looking into my life for those crazy dreams, just in case one day a lost smile finds me, and for sure unlighted all this solitude, I am sure that I will get to these magic places where the real things still exist.

Unfortunately now my health challenged me to play a game, this game where there is only place for the losers, no one can win, but I don´t want to believe it, because I am sure that the impossible it’s nothing.

Memories, wishes, dreams, what the hell! The reality it’s here right now, and for this I will keep smiling to my existence, to my dreams, to my feelings, and I will look for many new journeys to come.

Even if I will travel in the distance all over the world, even if we are looking for all those things that we really don´t know, I am sure that the truth should come inside us, and for this I will wait, and when the time to cross that bridge will come, I will cross it again, I will with my best glance and my heart in my hands to give it to you again.




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