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WAYAKURUA: Welcome in Herero language


WAYAKURUA, Welcome in Herero language. Here in Opuwo this little dusty town, so close to Angola where i have spended my last days waiting for some spares that i have broken thanks of this blody corrigation, While of this, i have enjoyed and i am enjoying of the hospitality of their people, and at the […]

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NAMIBIA COUNTRY WITH OUT SHADE After my stay in the capital city, I left towards dusty gravel roads, and with out any single place to enjoy a little shade- All of this , was preceded with a kind of Spanish dinner with friends, that happened in one restaurant named Nice, and actually I have to […]

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Like every year around this time, my memories travel towards where,s Valenti (my father), and at the same time towards Halima what  ever they are. They left us with some years of difference betwen, but casually they did it , the same month, and almost the same day. Love was our link, but in one […]

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JOHANES JAY JAY I recover the memories of the african cities, i do it clossing the pages of my misseries lived in the capital city. And today id like to pull the veil of the sweet face, and see the bitter and sad face of the misery, when you leave behind the luminosity of the […]

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THE CAPITAL CITY Windhoek , head city of Namibia, there is where everything is boiling, the good and bad of this country. I,ve arrived here on a sunaday day, the city looked like it was attacked with a chemical bomb!!!, it was empty, with drowsy streets, standing the strong heat. In one petrol station, Jesus […]

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A BIT OF EVERYTHING In Namibia it,s rainy season now, eventhough is an semidesertic country, this year rains and has rained like cats and dogs !!!, old people say that they havent seen it since longtime ago. This is good and bad at the same time, is good to see Namibia green, good for the […]

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