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Casually it´s one year ago that I was entering into Mexico to start my journey down to Central America, those slim countries with corners here and there, and full of scenarios that combine with a bit of everything.

Yes one more year that add my journey to a 2.343 days on the road with Halima´s stroke by stroke, and under its tires one endless history, Europeans that meet Americans, Conquest and colonization’s, independences and rituals, anyway one never ending thing, but for me all of this it ends up just with their people, their looks, and my wish to do something else than passing through.

And here I am in Panama’s city, with its concrete sunsets, that place where reside a natural and unless mine,” The Panamá´s Canal” one of the wonders of the world engineering, also Panama City, has the peace of those modern cities where those people that doesn´t look for adventures can find here, but this wasn´t for me because without asking I have been involved in the middle of one street shutting, without know to where to run, but this is already past.

One more year, and briefly mine it has been little touches of life that drawled big gestures, one more year I do feel proud to be who I am, although many times I think I do bad things or can hurt people, but also this same pride brought me to fight hard for being the ones that I think I had to be.

Far very far are all those that have disappeared in silence, the same ones that don’t realize that make them the biggest lie that they can be.



Me I do have to keep going, going in the same trip of stopping on the edge of the world , that from there I can see much further, yes, my journey pills me off of my own world, putting me close from this time where I can see those moments, good or bad doesn´t matter, because in the end this is what I wrap in a soft lovely paper and I’ll carry with me full of your sorrow, your passion, your happiness… and with all of this I will keep studying in this wonderful university of the streets.

One more year I will try to not be afraid, that same fear that´s only the excuse of not trying to do anything, I will keep value what I do have and not what I have already lost, and I will recognize honestly that in all this time I have learn how to know at those that deserve my smiles, my tears…

The solitude, this wonderful place to be when you need to find yourself, the same hateful place to be in, so my new year´s resolution will be forgiveness, but never forget, I need it to liberate my passion, my anger…



And then of course those days, those difficult moment will come again, this time that precede one goodbye, to many shared hours, too much of…  while I’ll be keep going to the path of those magical places that light smiles and put out the solitudes, but nothing of this will ever compete against  those looks that arrive from where the truth reside, the beauty of all these people that take the risk of allowing me to know them, to help them, to love them, those instants that spit so much life and mark the minutes of all my hours, they do it even in this crazy world, the same world of too many words, too many promises, too many fears, too many excuses…

And this is why one more year I am sure that dreams aren´t made for those that sleep, that doesn´t talk, or hipocreslly erase you from their Face book , dreams are for those that fight for them, no matter how difficult could be.

I see too much pain in the air, to many lives lilted off because of those that doesn´t care about the others pain, too many doubts where we should go, please let’s stop allowing more lies.

It´s almost seven years that I have thawed a bottle into this huge ocean, I did it believing that maybe one day the universe will remained me, and that day will be full of light.



This is how I would love to start and finish all the years, with a big smile, the same ones that tells me that I am still the ones that I want to be, the same ones that has forgive, and being forgiven, the same out without the fear of showing who I really am, and maybe this year and many other, I’ll be more people that will dream and they will see my smile in the same way that I see theirs.

So this will be my news’s year resolution… I’ll try again to understand that all in life it´s a path, a path that I wish I will bring to all of us till the freedom of doing or saying what we really want, even though so many people won’t like it.

So again, I will like to remind you that neither this year nor any other year, you will pass through my life in vain, or that our encounters where the chances of the causalities, NO, because all of you will rest with your prints on my arms, those prints that you can´t forget or erase, i´ll go to those path after path, undressing all my fears in front that lovely place named freedom…

One more year among those slim countries of Central America, and from there I will Thank you all to have helped me, to have loved me, to have hated me, or… simply the fact to allow me to be who really I am.

Here in Panamá city with a lovely company of one friend I will say like they say here, “Suave Suave que es bolero” “slowly slowly that this is a bolero”





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