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Before getting into Nigeria, i already had bad news about this country.

So now after being in and out not with out problems, I can say that Nigeria’s a chaotic and volatile country, where violent crime and robberies happen throughout the country, and the harassment by the police still happen too, so today I can say that for me Nigeria so far is the only country in Africa that I am sure that I will never ever come back .

Even though, Nigeria is a country that seems to have a absolute devotion, till the point that in Sundays u cant do or have anything, because everybody is in the church for the hole day, it looks to me , that is the paradox to clean their weekly sens.

In 1967, Mr.Ojukwu, announced the creation of a new independent state of Biafra, and in the early 1970, the government blocked that state with the world known results, of the Biafra famine, where more than 2 million people died of starvation, and also today in 2009 , Nigeria has more than 20 million people living under the misery.

So to make it short and leaving the history for those that they know much better than me, I just would like to say, that my way through Nigeria it was full of sad experiences.

Awaking every morning to go toward the doubt made me very tired, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa , with more than 140 million people, with it’s capital Lagos, with more than 13 million and the second largest city in Africa, all of this makes of Nigeria and this city, the wall to wall people, bumper to bumper cars, and the crime rate under control, and of course the public utilities cant cope with the demands of this huge population, all this makes a sort of feeling that the only thing you wish is getting out of there as faster as u can.

Even though, Nigerians love party, and some of them also love make friends, but when you set your brain to be always aware of anything it happened, is very difficult to answer the amiability of those that shout, Onyocha,Onyocha (white person ), come , we want to know about you !!!

But all those weeks spend in Nigeria consumed me physically and mentally till the point that the supposed peace that gives resting, almost always was a nightmare, you may feel this exaggerated, buy I can tell you that in this country I never had a peaceful day, even the landscape I never looked at it with the same eyes I had look it in other countries, although there’s some people saying that Nigeria is one of the prettiest countries in Central Africa, well, it may be, but me I’ll never come back yo find out.

Also I have to say that the Nigerian food doesn’t help much either, is all based in pepper soup, made in the chop houses (cheap bars), and this becomes always with rice or another grain like, gari or eba (manioc flower), so after all those days and those meals, my ars isn’t very happy.

But I have to say that those are the good things, because bad times there I am not sure I’ll be able to explain it all, but briefly I can tell you, that I have been menaced to leave the country several times, that I have been harassed by police so many times, and also on the road, every single minute becomes a huge risk, people drive like crazy, they don’t respect anything, and it looks like they always angry against everybody, hen they sit on their cars, it’s like they wear their war suits and get ready to kill, till the point that before me arriving to Lagos, a car hit me, pulling me over the road, with the result of many bumps in my body, and a broken wrist , obviously you can imagine that nobody stoped to see what happened, but of course they shouted Onyocha, Onyocha, get out of here..



With pain, tears and frustration I got till Lagos , I did it the same day of the animal market, a hue concentration of animals next to the canal that brings you till the see, the flavours and colours where gorgeous, but for me it only was the wish of recovering and leaving this jungle.

I left Lagos, half arm plastered, half bandaged (Nigerian medical fashion),and with more pain I slalomed among cars and more cars but I knew that with a bit more of effort I would get till the Benin border, and maybe a bad dream will be finish, but when I got there I had to wait for hours of police harassing checking for drugs or more money that will never get, I was difficult but I managed to control my temper.

A very sad rusted and tiny pool divides Nigeria than Benin, this is that imaginary line called border, there all looked the same, people shouting, corruption and angry faces, but even though I felt free, some hours later a bed welcomed me in Benin, I thought I would have peace to think about all, but I couldn, I felt so deeply sleep , I slept for more than 13 hours .

It was only the next day , when I have realised that in Nigeria I didn’t even take pictures, but my mind was already far, only bad things to forget, although I am not sure I will, because I really hope that will help me to understand , and also to shout to world that is a big shame that in the 21 century still in some countries the value of the human being it’s less than a plate of white rice.

ONYOCHA, ONYOCHA you better eave this country, today only shouts.

Nigeria, chaotic and volatile country.



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