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Living Creel wasn´t that easy, it wasn´t like i would imagine that will be, but which sense it´s imagine the unimaginable?

I´ve took with me those sincere and shy looks of the Tarahumara´s people, those that fight for their land, for their traditions even though if they are whip for those injustices, that somebody else decide about their future, but even this they are faith to their traditions or way to live.

Living back Creel, I have left with the wonderful tales that people talk, and attracted again for the unknown, but this was more and more hills that so often made me shout this common Mexican expression, “no mames guey ”that means more or less, “really”.

Then seeing my sweaty shadow on the asphalt I have realized that I shouldn´t lie myself, because me I am the only real cause, my only pain, my only fail, but also my happiness, my success, my peace…



And then lots of smiles in my mind helped me to keep going, and with my look ahead and my untouched dreams, I kept looking for those signs in life that will help us to decipher all those things that make life worth it.

And without any pause that made me get weak I have arrived to flat lands, fertile and very productive, I’ve arrive to this place where the Mennonites, this bizarre people of blue eyes, austerity life and their Low German speaking, one day made this region very productive, and with the dreams, illusions and the magic of believe in what we feel they built their very important place in this country.



This is how I have arrived to Chihuahua, another huge city for me where they hosted me again in a Mexican way, with all the love; I have sheared tales of the known Pancho Villa, villainous for ones, idol for others, for me? I just love to understand.

And I still have many reasons to believe in life; even now I do have much more reasons than just form lines of everything that I am writing, reasons that soon will make me happy, and enjoy life like it was the last day of my life, even though, there are people, fortunately not many, that dare to express their rage against the others.

Me I really don’t care about all this hypocrisy, I am laughing about this war of consciences, because I really know that even from far a hug can tell so many things that it´s so difficult to describe them in words.



I am still here outside of those walls that protect our lives, our comfort   opening at the same the doors of lies.

No mames guey!, if I am escaping of my reality I do feel that shivering in my body, but you my life you are the ones that distort all my senses helping me to understand that the real love do exist.

My way carry on, my illusion stays firm I have learned to forget, I do look this blue Mexican sky, I do stand this hit, and I do enjoy those plethoric nights full of stars.

Halima´s gave me some fright those days, but all is ok now, and also at the same time she putted me so close to those people that I do pass by on my journey, and make that my days will be the poetry, the melancholy, the beautiful afternoons and the pure daybreak, but my existence would worth nothing if I wouldn’t believe in you, my dream.



And this is why my destiny keeps going on those hot plains, keeps bringing me the wish of helping, simply be who I am , feel the happiness of all those little things, of all those people that talk to me, just keep fighting on those routes and those things that we see very often in or dreams.

I will keep pedaling through my own path because I only need to see you on dreams to inspire myself, I’ll keep believing on the value of that we are who we are that’s it. No better, no worst, just free, and this freedom I’ll gave me wings, I won’t abandon myself in fears, I’ll make the suffering shiny to have more bright on my colors and I will keep braking any tie that ties me to the routine, I’ll live my best, because all those passed years those peoples made me believe that I don’t have to argue against my own conscience neither my heart.

I´ve arrived to one city named Torreon in the Coahuila state my eyes look 3000km south, my heart beat every day and I never transform dreams in escapes.



In this city it will shine another star, and I will never forget of those that can’t see further, those that the leather of their life’s it´s a huge step, but because of the help of Jorge’s Dueñes and their friends I’ll help again those kids to see further, and at the same time I will shot laud, “no mames guey”.


How wonderful to be here, today I had speak with you in the distance, I had observed the clouds in this sky, the shiny on your eyes that always help me to understand that everything can be possible.

Time doesn’t forgive, and I need to understand that the solitude bring us to the reflex ion.

With a discrete river I will go till the ocean, my gap will continue towards south and I am pretty sure that in my life a new door will open , behind, a rest, an unsure path but full of tenderness  what else I can ask?.

I´ll take with me those shy and sincere look, the same that doesn’t need words to make everybody understand that life is, those moments that make you feel free.



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