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Among all my days seated on Halima,s saddle, among all those days helping people or just living the consequences of the feelings haved provoqued to me, i had time to take some desitions, eventhough i thought that in my life that could be easy, i have to say that it wasn,t, i must accept that maybe i am not completlly free, maybe i,ll never will !..

I,ve arrived to Knysna, to stay next to my friends Belen and Marc, and other lovelly people that i,ve meet, having the chance to work a bit, just to help my empty pockets to look like something is inside them, i,ve worked in July, actually i,ve really enjoyed but some circumstances on my following days came with new realities, some like the unbelievable loniless, a paradoxe when we are sourounded with people that loves us, but realities like not having the chance to spit words that we need to say, realities like real love, becoming a forbiden love, sadness that we never have to forget, hundreds of realities that today build the shape of my simple life, my days fight against the incomprehention, and i just looked for adjectives that could reach directlly your hearts, my worls somehow started to cracking down, the dificulties to have to say NO, when all of your self is one blody huge YES !!.

Sometimes my reality flu away from my hands, sometimes i felt that i could fly, but others i just felt like crowling like those in pain on the battle fields, but eventhoug all of this i,ve tried to smile among this pain, among this sad dead hope..


To your feelings, to your dreams, to your lives, we all have the right to be free, we all have the right to love with out fear, we all free to give or recive hope… those are all my feelings, but sometimes the reality of this confusing world seams that now doesn,t want to be agree with me… I have decide to fly again, i,ve decided to say NO to the job that my friends gaved to me with all their hearts, i cant share my sadness with people that deserve my hapiness, i have to decide to fly again…to the reality of what lifes deserves me every single day on the road, and i promise you that i,ll sleep with my tent door open to allowed the stars comming in, but i,ll close it to the sadness and the unfair moments, i really dont want to live with out feelings, i dont want civilized love, i dont want coward hearts, i dont want to say NO, with the fear of what i can hapend next, i dont want to think what it could be, when i,ll never be.

I,ve decided to fly again, and i,ll wear a lovelly short up in the air, caressing the wind.


To the music of your soul, the ones that plays the ritme that we use to love the most. hiding behind the mist and looking at the infinity, i,ll fight against the loniless, and even if i know that i am not leaving with the tail winds helping me, i,ll shout to the hope, the ones for those people that really fight in their lifes to survive and having the chance to se the future with all the pretty colors, not only with the black and white.

never say no, to the love that it comes when yo go,Knysna showed me a grey part of my soul, showed me how to love with the heart but at the same time brought me the horror of thousands of people that suffer everyday . the last thwoo months i,ve been greating three homless that lived hided behind the dirt of one abandoned court yard not far from the pretty lagoon, some days ago, somebody said NO, and a few hours later they chassed them, cutted the trees down, cleaned up the place, just leaving their lifes with out intimity anymore, some days ago they just disapeared, somebody said NO to their inertia of surviving, i felt betrayed when i saw i sign there anoncing that they will build a new fancy hotel there.

Knysna gived me reasons to not to be a coward, to say or spit all i need to say, even if sometimes i only get to cry, but eventhough i feel extremlly happy, people who loves me or knows me they know what i am talking abaut.

I have decide to fly again, towards the Cape of Good Hope, there where time will be my time, there where my life will be my real life, even if sometimes seams to be difficult to understand, but i am sure that the fact of keep moving and loving i,ll always protect me, and Gambada i,ll be again the result of making dreams being true…


when you only want to really say Yes. i am a blody anarchist, you like or not,and i,ll always fight for a better hope.

I,ve returned to those places where i felt loved, tho this place where you can see the inmensity of the ocean, i,ve been happy there and that day i also had the chance to see thwo whales dancing in their element, it was so lovelly, it looked like a real freedom, Gambada hits the road again toward he,s element




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