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After my stay in the capital city, I left towards dusty gravel roads, and with out any single place to enjoy a little shade- All of this , was preceded with a kind of Spanish dinner with friends, that happened in one restaurant named Nice, and actually I have to say that was very nice, they all were there, wishing me good luck on my following journey, at the same time one glass of good red wine, was the judge of our friendship, and the way for me to tahnk all of them for all they have done.

I also had a big thought for the familly Drayer , that allowed me to stay in their place during the hole time I have spend on the city, but of course the last look was for those little Tadpoles, of Love your neighbour orphanage, that still shout my name. With those wonderful memories, I putted sand under HalimaŽs wheels, I did it to head towards north-west, Angola is my target. But among all this going and coming my friend Ken recived the long waited Angolan visa , with the big help of Nacho the Spanish consul, and we decided to join strength and company to travel till here in Opuwo.

I have to say that was nice, but I do prefere to be on my own, and for him I wish all the best on hes journey. Among gravel roads, full of those blody corrugation, hit and shade less, the mechanical of Halima´s betrayed me, I have broken some spokes that made my rear wheel turning as badly as my own ot longer later, my ciclyng shoes, decided to open a big crack showing me that it,s life was abaut to finish. But again, here´s the wonderful of the people, that I can only shout very loud my inmenslly gratitude towards them, people like, Jesus, Felipe, and Fritz did everything that they could to send to me new ciclyng shoes, and some spokes, and amazingly far from there in South Afrika, and with all her love Jess with the help of Belen,s and Magnetic South, also sended a new stowe to allow me to fill my empty stomach with my silly recipies- All those people again, did all of this , with a big smile and real friendship, and for me is just the matter of finding the best way to express my extremlly gratitude towards them, and I will with all my heart, THANKS, in capital letters- Namibia country with out shade!!! On the tracks, my days always finished with a big blody obsession, and this was to fin a little shade to throw my tired body to rest, but, no shade at all. But in life , bad thing bring good things too, and this was having the chance to ride along the fence of the well known Etosha National Park, and seeing through those little acacias the very longneck of many pretty giraffes, that seamed that they wanted to kiss the smooth sky.

Zebras, giraffes, orix,and some dead jackals, I have shared my ride with Ken, it was to fast for my way to see,and at the same time I have arrived everyday at night so late and defeat, for having time to smile or really enjoying the hapinness to know how many people believe in Gambada, I just had time for the pleasure of falling sleep under the bright bed of stars and the memories of the pretty colors of the magnificent dresses of the Herero womans- And again with dust, and no shade of course, HalimaŽs brought me with out big problems till here.


look at the camera boy.

Opuwo,the capital of Kaokaland, land of Himba and Demba peoples, with their traditional life style,the Himbas, spread in their bodies a kind of animal fat and red dye, they dress also with animal skin, but they are almost nacked, it´s like being in on of those top less beaches in Europe, of course with out shade and transported till the funny situation that you can find yourself in one queue of one supermarket souraunded by those people with their, colors , flavours and traditions, colors, all that you can imagine, flavours, because of the fat and also because they dont wash themselves at all, and tradition, simply magnificent of my point of view. And this is Opuwo , a dusty town , where I am resting wile I am waiting for those parcels to arrive, and at the same time starting getting ready to cross the Kunene river, and getting into Angola, is something like going back to the real Afrika. I do imagine this from a very nice place where Frans and Robert from the Namibian Country Hotels , invited me , and from here very night I can see all the stars, but you are the shiny ones..

Thanks again to, Jesus, Felipe, Fritz, Frans,Robert, Belen,s , Magnetic South and the car of DHL, that I hope I,ll get till here soon, with out any breackings, and my big thought for this shiny star named Jess, that keeps being simply herself, that little angel that deserves all. From Opuwo, and with the Steilrandberg mountains making the horizon just magnificent, I recover my memories and your shadows that still sleep between my pillow and my solitude, wile I am triying to fin inside a little grain of sand, that full moon that one day you and me shared together, far from my thoughts the Himbas and Dembas seams that they dont want to win the time, I already can smell another real Africa




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