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I´ve arrived to Valencia´s city knowing where I could stay, it´s always nice to know that somebody it´s waiting for you in one big city, it is, even if you don´t know this person and with the preceding days you have to draw a face to your thoughts.

This is how I’ve arrived at Barbara´s and Lui´s house, a place that today I would need so many pages to describe their gratitude!, this one’s still there but I am sorry because today I will have to talk about something like Full of Hands…

My time here in Valencia´s city it´s longer for many reasons, while I was coming I was sure that here I could help, but sometimes too many times some people put bars on my tires, but in the end of the day so many hands made in a way to allow the hearts do everything.



Like many of you know, I don’t have economic help and this is why I try to find other ways to find donations, and this is how it happened, sometimes talking, sometimes causalities of life, this time all of this brought me till the photography school of Enfocarte, and the University of Arturo Michelena, they opened the doors for me to share experiences and remove consciences among their students, it wasn´t easy neither, but after all this common efforts the results were excellent, you´ll see, as we often say “after the storm the sun shynes”and this time this huge sun came wrapped in almost one tone of food for too orphanages, those places that shouldn´t exist but…

One it’s, the Maria Auxiliadora´s house, that host 10 boys with so many problems that their right of living are been stole , but the gentle Eduardo´s with all has love and determination protect any step they do, like those lovely mountains that surround this sad place being their eternal watchtower.

The other ones it´s the Muchas Manos house in Bejuma´s town, to be honest I never saw anything like this in my life, what a pleasure to see that almost 60 girls with horrible histories that it´s better to not talk about, could be able to offer all this lovely energy, all this love, all…



But in this house there´s a big guilty, the tireless Patricia´s, the ones that I said when I was living with the girls, dear Patricia´s if the angels would exist, you would be all of them, Patricia´s plays with life, she invent life, she offers life, Oh well Patricia´s you are the sun, the moon, you are all…she´s one of the best examples of humanity, that it´s impossible to understand if you don’t live it, or you see with your own eyes.

But how I do arrived there you would ask?, well again, the coincidences and the street made my pass by Jose´s and wife, that she knew Gaby´s, and she knew Patricia´s and she knew Eduardo’s, what a wonderful mess isn´t it?

Full of Hands.

This happiness to see how life offer us all these moments that become sadness or happiness, moments that can indentificate us with those hypnotic dreams that could be real.

I am so happy to had find you, that egotistic I would love that you wouldn´t exist, I am so happy to share this dream that so many times I don’t understand.



Yesterday the grey sky cried, today´s the best of the suns shines, I may dream it? But no! Because the little hand of the naughty Carlita´s played with my hand, what the hell I am awake, it´s true!Thanks to allow me humbly arrive till your difficult worlds and sharing them with you all, because this is your desire.

Full of Hands.

You will never pass in vain trough my life, and I I will take care that other people know it too, because finding you guys it wasn´t a chance, you are that other print that convert in happiness the pain that I have into my heart

Thanks a lot for your adventurer spirit and at the same time remind me that I am not perfect, thanks to show me that nothing happened like we like or desire, this sad chance to have born in the worst of the places in earth, but even though this you give me this company that only allow me to say two words “love you”.



But as we know in the sadness and the happiness always come that devastating time, I should be strong even if I know I would never be as strong as you all, but I will keep going thinking that all be ok, and when in this way without return that I will take, I’ll leave me your sleepy smile in my memories.

I´ll tell you goodbye forever, but I will bring you with me for all my life.

Thanks a lot to help me to discover inside myself, today´s I have awake with all the wish of living, thanks for your support, for your love, today I understood again that the best day it´s today, that look doesn’t mean see, that pedaling alone doesn´t mean solitude, today I’ve learn…

I do feel that need of hugging you again, the wish of showing you the million of feelings that you cause on me, yes, it´s true that you are kids, but I have this big luck to look at your eyes without thinking of time, and I would love that at the same time my look it could tell you all those words that I will never be able to say to you.

It will be a new goodbye without the goodbye, another look without be seen, your presence without body. I will enjoy of the warm of your full of hands when I feel the cold, I will see the light into your eyes when the obscurity chasing me.



Thanks a lot for being another of my dreams accomplished even though in my selfishness I would love that it will never exist it.

Thanks a lot, Eduardo´s, Patricia´s and all of you to allow me to be with them, right now I only would like to ask you to never forget that, Nando´s came and went, and you have life, big ones, and tomorrow it will be another white page to fill it up, you know better that anyone that the journey isn´t easy, but you know that the way it´s there.

Thanks a lot to share all your sincere love with me, when I am really leaving please, turn on all the stars.




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