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It,s been already some days that i have left Cape Town, and still today i cant find the right word to express all the feelings that i have had there.

In this city, i had the chance and the pleasure to go rock climbing again, i had the chance to experience the wonder of distribute some more hope, when isnt espected,also the nice feeling to be sourrounded by people who loves you.

So for all of this, and many other reasons Cape Twon wont be a city with pretty sourroundings, Cape Town it always will be the must, of all those people that shared their lifes with me, they shared even more with out asking anything back, something maybe easy to write, but not easy at all to express it.

At the same time, the simplicity of all those faces waiting politelly that somebody could give them some food, i am talking abaut those kids of James House project, what i can say ?, well it,s just a hug emotion to have had the chance to give them some food with my hands, to those boys and girls with lots of problems, but eventhough they showed me how to play as a real kid, and even if they dont have many things or nothing, they showed me the beauty or being or playing with an extremlly hapiness.

Of course i could write lots abaut them, but memories bring me the yearn of those that i miss, and i am feeling so lonelly wile i am writing those bad writen word as usualll on me, but eventhough those words spit my reality.

Cape Town is already far on the distance, and me heading north west, fighting against the wind that seams thah wants me back, but my days look forward, and my dreams still ahead, or is just that the heat that try to play with my temper and makes me talk no sense.


Bye Bye Cape Town.

Some days ago i still could see Table Mountain from far, and on top of it a shiny light, that for sure was the cable car, but for me was the light that it shines everythime that i think to all of those people there.

Something maybe easy to write, but not easy at all to express.

So as usuall, i have to say thanks to lots of people, that with little gestes make Gambada what it,s, like my cousin Josep of course he,s always there, to Kevin Gaynor from Capestorm, for hes little help and hes big wish to always know more abaut.but far from all of this today i must finish this chronicle not talking abaut ladnscapes, heat, wind trucks or lovelly colors, i must do it with some words that George Evans said to me the day that i have left.

He said, ” THanks, it was like having a brother at home all this time “, i,ll never ever forget..

Something maybe easy to write, but not easy at all to express.

When the colors of the sunset, invited me at the reflexion, a bright light on the table mountain shines my dreams….



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