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Like I’ve already said on my last cronic, when you arrive to Knysna u,ll find a pretty clean small city, beatiful houses, nice people, friends and a pretty lagoon, me i,ll enjoy all of it , and at the same time i,ll meet new people, people like Shila a artist from Sedgfield that has Afrika in her blood and she knows how tom split it thru her paintings, after talking to her she offered me the chance tho live another little history, actually hug history for me.

Last thursday when the mist of the lagoon raised them day, mister Willfred came to pick me up to go to Sedgefield, not very far from Knysna and heading into Snutsville,Sizamile and Fairview town ships, there roads arent that pretty, houses are made in tin (metal) and mostlly all the population struggle to live.

I arrived there to help!!, and this brought me to MASITHANDANE PROJECT, a little private organisation that makes a hugh work to help orphans, and people afected of HIV or TB.

Nobody asked them to be born there, to near and to far from the pretty streeets, and to close from the winds that blow up the roofs of their poor houses, it,s true they share the same sky, but with a very different objectives.

I arrived there to help!!!, and this time i have to thanks Mati from Madrid , and the rest ill comes from my own wish.

Some kids waited for me, they need help yes , but even if they are defeated they resist, they waited for me armed with little pretty maracas made by cardboard, and with a real caribean ritme they sheared with me their hapinness, their smiles were eternal even in a place where eternity seams to short, short like the word HIV ( 34 million people live with), but here in MASITHANDANE, a warm wind of hope blows constanetlly, toguether we,re like a hurricane.

It,s true that sometimes i should loose, but afterwords i dont mind if i can find the words that scrtach you,re heart, sometimes i arrive to late maybe!! but when i can help with the single blink of my eyes i see the faces of those happy kids and for me it,s enaugh.



Today,s with the ritme of those pretty maracas and under a grey sky, i still cant find the words to scrtach you,re heart but with a simply gesture i found another big history.

When alone i try to find where the sun dries up the tears of the clouds under this grey sky, and at the same time i found the freedom, i also remember and i realise that any dream is brocken yet in those townships, the moon, the lovers and the hope blows trhu their windows.

Thanks to all of those kids to allowed me to help them ,with a funny caribean ritme, nobody asked them to be born there.

Sedgefield little town with wiews to the sea..

The defeat resist.



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