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The Trade winds Again leaving Panama it was this kind of acceptation that too often we don’t like, first of all, the goodbyes, this terrible feeling that arrives when we don’t really want, even though we always know that it will, those very short space of time that allow you to live or revival everything that we have shared with those that we say goodbye, oh well, I will never learn how to deal with it.

Then, and far from the dreams, the reality of leaving this lovely country, doing it with a bicycle as loaded as a donkey isn´t that easy, panama doesn´t have any road connecting Colombia, only the terrible forest of the deep Darien´s gap, it’s quiet funny because long ago this was a only one country, but today some doesn´t want to know anything about the others.



Let me explain, over the paper, you have boats, plains and also a chance to cross the Darien´s gap by land, but the reality it´s other ones, after asking here and there, we realize that isn´t this easy, the boat, it´s like a lottery that makes you lose lots of time and patience, especially when nothing it´s sure at all, well, yes, the price it´s quiet sure, and I tell you that isn´t cheap.

So, after all this time looking around, and feeling disappointed I’ve decided to take the plain, it´s the only “sure” way, and also it´s a sure way that it will make a big hole into your pockets, especially ones of somebody like me, that has lots of freedom, but money?, better don’t say anything… But, once you are into the plain you get to forget everything, and the only thing that you want it´s that “Halima’s” gets there in one piece, and this is how I have arrived to Cartagena de Indias, a pearl of city, it’s chaotic but Cartagena´s it gives you very good feelings about Colombia, city full of rhythm, color, humidity, and wish to discover this country through their smiles, all of this, far very far of the violence, the drugs, the cartels,etc etc , that everybody unjustly tries to define this country.

The Trade winds.

With them bothering me, I have 2.365 days on the road, pedaling towards those unknown places, I don’t even know if I will get there one day, but I do know that in those trails, in those lives that I pass by, with those that I had the chance to help or being helped, this trails had changed my entire life… So, in the end of the day, because of this I think that doesn´t matter where you are, but how you are, how you feel, what things you live, and obviously with whom you are. These winds that beside are winds, they also blow the truth, and this is why for me only truth it´s the real “revolution”



And then after all, I feel so disappointed when I see all those that I do love waiting just for waiting, please, let’s wait while we live! I will keep removing rocks on my way, because the trip it´s long, so long when you fill it with tears, with too many injustices, when you cross desserts or simply when you mistake the seasons…but maybe in the end of the day when the weather dye your skin later always arrive the peace of the night when all around you conciliate your dreams with one, “don’t worry, tomorrow will arrive” Here in Colombia, I enjoy of this life that for me makes this same country into three different ones, the Caribbean, the plains and the mountains, different accent, traditions, but the same passport, a huge smile. In a mean time I can´t forget that to be free out there I have to pay the price of this terrible wind, but also I can´t forget that I should live a daring life otherwise I don’t think life mean much.

So, with the trade winds I’ll move here in Colombia next to the Caribbean Sea, next to those huge rivers, swamps, all this to arrive here where I am now, in Santa Martha´s, one of the oldest city in Colombia, protected by the highest summits in this country that melting smoothly with the blue of the sea, a real scene!, images like this make explode the iris of your eyes when you don’t have words to define it.

The Trade winds.

I am here trying to not fight against those that really don’t have anything to loose, trying to believe in what I am doing, with this time the happiness to know that I may have the chance to do some help here. I´ll keep going through those trails without final destination, without celebrating success, but trying to beat the failures, although those winds sometimes push me till the desperation, I´ll keep tiring to find reasons to laugh, and I´ll leave the bad moments for this bloody wing take them.

I´ll do what I feel unsteady to find excuses to not to do it, I´ll try to understand Colombia that so far has received me friendly, It wouldn´t be nice to complain, well, yes let me complain please, “BLOODY WIND”. I´ll look in life my crazy dreams, I´ll do it often, just in case something happen one day, It’s always the matter of being there, even though the wind. Today with a hot weather I´ll let you staring the Colon´s peak, I´ll with a sentence of a good friend, Jesus, a Spanish guy that left Europe to live here a very austere life. The Trade winds…





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