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35miles and 1´45h separate Tobermory from Manitulin island with a ferry, this day was cold and grey, and the lake Huron looked like it was so angry, it´s waters wher dark and the wawes seamed those from one big ocean, the huge ferry opened wide it´s mouth to gooble up more than 400 cars, trucks, bikes and Halima´s that looked forward to arrive to the island and learn more about indian native culture.

Manitulin that means ¨Free spirit¨in Odawa language, it´s 150 km along and 30 km wide, it´s also the worl´s large island on fresh water, not many people´s lives there and also shelter some native indian reserves, those kind of places that brings you back to the past, and makes you feel again that this worls isn´t fair at all.

There we can find Wikwemikong, the only unceded indian reserve of North America, what does it means?, well it means that they havent sign any agrement with the goverment and this gives to them let´s say freedom, but in the end of the day the reality is that they only can survive, so this is where i went with the wish of seeing it from my heart, i roamed here and there, and finally i have ended up on willy´s hands, Whilly and he´s brother, thwoo Odawa man that their life has been a real hell, and that for one of them still is, Odawa´s Willy´s names is Otoskweiab, it means right from the heart, and today´s we can see that sees the light again, both of them have spended their lives roaming on the streets of  the big Canadian cities, there they have been beated, putted in jail so many times that their sleepy brains cant remember anymore, but their mutilated body will never forget, they have been alcoholics , for more than 30 years, till one day, that they saw one eagle, a good messanger on the native indian tradition, telling them, that they will loose the life game if they will not stop this life, and they came back to their roots.



And today´s willy´s one of the best wood carvers on the island and he´s brother fights sober against death and life, they make a living with the art selings, and if not they go out to the streets to collect bottles and tin cans for some penis, we walked and they explained to me so pretty indian tales, in a mean time we collected some bottles and cans, i felt so dirty but Willy´s console me telling me that he was happy now, next day he brought me to one Pow-Wow one of those lovelly traditional dances to participate on it, i felt like i was in one of those great western movies, i´ve meet other people´s there wile i was dancing (well actually i was triying), with their lovelly dresses and pretty feathers, i also meet Full Moon, a 25 years old girl, dark hair like the charcoal, loost look and sharpe smile, she danced happy and talled me that later on shell go to one weading party, next day somebody found her body death of overdose, somebody putted some pills into her drink,,that was her last dance!! surprislly this night the full moon was so shiny..

But no far from there life has another shape, people´s have money, their lawns is lovelly smothlly mowed, and it seams that they dont care much about those people´s that try to live their lifes in their way, i felt sad to realise that those people arent accepted in this rich society, Willy´s stared at me and said.Nando you live your life freelly as one eagle, but you are not welcome in their society, sucks i thought!!!, and he stared at me again at said, dont worry the bear will protect you, and gaved me a bear claw that one day hes father offered to him, he sang a free spirit song and left.

I was sad, happy and disapointed at the same time, and wile i was riding Halima´s i remembered the eagle´s and i left the island looking at the sky, i felt sad again…



With those memories, i keept figthing against this wind that really doesn´t want to leave me alone, and physically kills me, and this is how i arrived to Sault Ste Marie on the shores of the huge lake Superior , the biggest lake in the world.



There i have sheared experiences with other travellers that goes acroos the country from west to East knowing about the wind, not like me( it looks like that i am the only silly ones),we light a big camp fire, we sang and we laughf, and with this and an strange feeling ill leave Canada, a bit of a bitter experience

A huge bridge like a inmense wawe. brings you into the USA, that was my last wawe to cross, the ones that will bring me to the North American plaines, when you get to the enter of the bridge ther is a sign that says,¨smile you´re on camera¨I was so suprissed of this bridge that i have stoped to take a picture, and before i,ve got to the border point  twhoo cops came to me , asked for my papers and said , why do you take pictures? well i said becouse i liked, well is forbiden, they made me erase all the pictures on my camera and made me wait on line, i had enaugh time to think this time , becouse my Usa visa isn,t quiet in order, so when the questions came, this time i was a lot wiser, and all my awnsers were,Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Yes Sir,and smothlly and surfered this last wawe into the Usa with out so many problems, only with the fact of keep breathing, believing and dreaming.

I am singing like no ones listen to me, I am dancing like no ones see´s me becouse this life it´s so short that i dont have time to spoild it, and not having the strengh of doing what i really want to do, and love those that loves me.

Yesterday i saw one eagle, and i could talk to Carol´s. i felt much better to know that she´s feels much better after her mum´s death, so what else i need?

Life this wonderful treasure that unites the man with the invisible lovelly world…






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