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Mi entrance in Namibia, wasn,t as warm as i have expected, eventhough it was very hot, the human warm of the immigration officer was so cold.

He looked at me from top to down, well, i am not very sure if he was looking at me, or just smeling at me !, but after cheking my new passport, he asked me ? license plate number?, i laughed, big mistake, i am on a bicycle i said, and hes face turned to red, I have to say that he was black.

Next question? Where are you going? I dont know i said, wrong awnser again, and he said if you dont tell me i wont stamp your passport… oops!, then I awnser some names that i remembered from the map, i just waited in silence just in case, and after a few minutes, a sound indicated that my passport was stamped.

This was one of those silly situations, that when you are tired you feel stupid, but is also one of one of those situations, that when you are not tired, you feel really stupid, just the power of one blody uniform !!!.

But then in this No Man,s land above the Orange River, i felt happy and thinking that i have to thanks the generosity of Tatum, to deal for me to stay in a lovelly place just rigt next to the river, also thanks Carlos, the manager to give me a wonderful hut, to restaure my body, and my dreams as well.

Namibia, waited for me with a few surprises, beside the very very long streches of empty distances, also waited for me with a strong north wind, hot and storms, and obiouslly with some mechanical problems.

This is a huge country, all is huge beside it,s population, only 2 million of inhabitants, and this means that a guy like me that like to talk, would not talk so much.


Ha Ha Ha

Eventhough, fighting with the wind, the lack of water and the terrible hastle of the bike speedometer, telling me that i am not going faster than, 7 km per hour because of the wind, well ! on the begining ill try to believe that nothing is wrong, then i sayed to myself dont worry nando, you are not in a hurry at all, but then when your legs doen,t want to turn anymore, your water is just a memory, and the lonyless, is your best hope, then you hate the speedometer, basically you hate all, the only thing you want is talk to complain i guess.

Namibia is a huge country, three times the size of great Britain, and just twhoo million of people, that i guess they have other better things to do than talk to a boring, dirty and tired catalan guy ciclyng to find out a better world.

With all of those realyties, i am pedaling through wonderfull landscapes in tha Karas region, passing next to a tiny villages that seam to hide their life, it feels like everything is uncertain there, but i am feeling very happy among this inmensity, and lucky that i find internet to share it with all of you .

Namaland is vaste and solitare, it’s time to dream.

I have to thanks, Jaume and Elisabet, Tatum, Carlos, Erich, Zelga and all the others that gaved me water and smiles when evere i most needed.

Ammong remembrances i see the days passing through, and with the yearn of those that i love i find the peace and the strengh to keep trying my best to make Gambada a shout of Hope….

Namibia is huge and solitare. Time to dream.



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