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For you my life, the ones where each ones of us decide about our own destiny, mine when I’ve arrived to Choix a little pretty town, look like I wanted to cross the dusty tracks of the tarahumara´s mountain range till Creel.

The way was so wonderful, but for me was also really hard, mountains seamed much more unattainable, and Halima´s felt heavier than ever, in a certain moment I thought that this love arrived at its end, I still can see myself climbing and pushing, feeling the heavy climb, I tried to find the impetus or this light that will shine my way, but no, I was still there, listening the desperate heartbeat of my heart, trying to recover past moments with images full of goodness, and I could see on your look with your smile, you , my life…

But my destiny, was still there pushing Halima’s, for just going up a few meters, and then I had this desperation that whistle on your ears ¿ till where you want to go Nando?.



A cloud of dust draw more pain in my face, although my heart was still beating at the same time that was hard to believe in hope and thinking that all it´s possible.

Suddenly your world breaks down when somebody passed by me, looked me in a very strange way and said, ¿what the hell are you doing here, are you crazy?

And it´s then when I realize that I could manage to see the end of this rough track, although I don’t doubt about my passion, I just have left enough air to allow me to see your smile and hug the dreams to make them real.

And this is how I have got here to Creel, this wonderful place, heart of the tarahumara´s people, those with their myth and lovely legends, but me to be honest I just wanted to rest, and erase the toughness of the journey, I’ll clean up the dust off my battered body, and in one real bed I could see my home in this world, although the path it´s uncertain I let myself be guided by your hand, and then dreams will seize me.



Those days here, also helped me to understand other realities, other wonders, like the ones of the tarahumara´s people those that the most important basic it´s to respect the others.

Here the modernity arrives just from the people like me, attracted for their culture, they still live very traditional, they sleep on the floor, and the shortage of food and the salubriousness help at all the diseases whip them relentlessly.

Even though they offered me the chance of seeing their Easter traditions, with those dances full of meanings for them and very difficult to me to understand, so I had decide to stay with this wonderful background of color, this artistic clothing, but for me the most remarkable characteristic was, THE SILENCE.

Only the Tesgüino, a very strong local alcohol (lethal sometimes) made by corn, break their extremely shyness, leaving at my eyes the chance of seeing their wonderful feature, their oblique eyes, the prominent cheekbones, their lovely dark hear, and of course those legs worthy of the best long distance runners.



I will leave this place with a wonderful memory, the magnificent landscapes impossible to express with words, those clothes with the shiny patterns that sparkle where ever they go, and that music of the harp, and the violin that make more enjoyable the life throughout those immense valleys.

I´ll go towards north, heading east till the gulf of Mexico, and I am pretty sure that my destiny will give me back the wonderful moments that I have lived here, and this is why I won’t leave without appreciate this beauty on the move.

I´ll keep moving with the ways of the afternoons, among them I’ll go towards you, I´ll take advantage of the light of the mountains, the smell of the flowers and those looks that help me to believe that my reality can be the best of my dreams.



I´ll keep fighting to help those in need, learning how to understand, how to respect, but overall how to love, I´ll fight against the ghost of the absence, of the melancholy, and I’ll give myself to my destiny, or just like one day Machado´s said “all pass and all stay, but we pass building tracks, tracks over the sea”

From this wonderful mountain range of the sierra tarahumara´s, I´ll keep living my life till the maximum, I’ll leave in silence with those lived days that made me feel more humane.

I´ll try to greet people without waiting answers, I’ll keep being the free soul, the ones that allow Halima´s wheels leaving a track on a smiles shape.

Hen when I’ll be alone again with the sky and the sea as a company, I’ll send you a kiss into the air, and I’ll not allow the world falling apart, the sun going out, the life finish, because all of this it´s my destiny, and there still lots of tracks that will make me share in the distance the same star, the ones that will guide me toward you, my life…

Because in the end of the day, here or whatever we are life it’s just a moment, don’t spoiled it, I’ll do it because of you that everyday look like a new life.

From the tarahumara´s mountain range, just for life!





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