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When we first arrive to Jamaica, with out any preconceived idea well find there one island not easy to understand, well, at least for me.

Myself i had the chance to discover almost all the corners of this island, and at the same time try to share a bit of the locals around there, i say locals eventhough i am not really sure if there´s any real left.

Today´s almost the hole entire country depends on the turism, this kind of turism that it arrives on masse, and another little percent that arrives with sail boats, or those disgusting huge cruisers, all toguether is just Terrorific…

Jamaica, land of rastafarian people, paradise beaches, reagge a cool times, well, today all of this is gone no matter you want to believe or think, but in exchange you´ll find, lots of those inmese turist hotel resorts,(actually owned by Spanish and American companies ), those places press already all the juice of the beauty that this island could have had one day, and today´s is like their neighbours countries the land of this terrible way of having hollidays called ALL INCLUSIVE,mega hotels, you only need a ugly bracelet that shows that you have paid and the rest is , just eat, drink, eat drink, again and again as muches as you wish, lovelly isn´t it?, the only thing you dont have is the chance of visite Jamaica.



Myself i have to say to, that thank of Silvia i could have the chance of staying in one of those hell´s, and i´ll tell you what, if one day you´cant find me , pls dont look at places like this , becouse you´ll never find me, Bloody Hell!!!

But, from another hand , i had also the chance, even if it was short, to go through the real veins of this little country, i have travelled around those difficult roads on the Blue Mountains, meeting some lovelly local people that dont care much about what´s going on on the coast, and they prefere to live their lifes in peace and with humble, so further than this , i am sorry but me i didn´t like Jamaica.



Eventhough i have enjoyed my time there, and loved to know some of the history and Bucaner´s legendes today´s called pirates, also i have enjoyed the food , those huge bananas and coffee, that paradoxlly the come from Canary Island´s and Ethiopia, so.

But also of course the king Bob Marley, i didn´t see him, ha.but i did learn a lot abouth the meaning of this person in this country, and i have to say that with out Bob Marley i think Jamaica will never send any other souvenir or craft, that i tell you that this means lots of money.

So to be short i´d like to say that i´ll stay with the peace of the local inland people´s, the wonderful sunsets that helped me on my lonelly moments, and maybe i had to have some little Ganja, known there as one of the finest in the world, maybe is for this that i couldn´t see another Jamaica?

For me Jamaica looks a bite like my loved Africa, the ones with to faces, the face of the corrupted power, and the face of the miserables ones, eventhough this i have to say that nobody in Jamaica beggs, eventhough if they really need help.

I just hope that this short visite to this island , help me to understand that what i am doing is right and beeing away of those ugly resorts and this silly way to see the world,the mervalous ALL INCLUSIVE.

Me, i´ll leave with Gambada all inclusive towards where Columbus with he´s known violence thought that he was discovered something!!, oh well…for me is that, we can´t discover new land if we are not able to leave the coast line, so i really dont know where i am going but i do feel deep in my heart that i am on the right way….



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