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The Big Apple.

The last 5th of june after a long night, far from those that i love, and to short night for having enaugh rest i awake the next day early and i felt like in the universe it was only me, a big sadness stoled the little energy i had left, into my head something was bombardit it with images, caresses, pain, memories, just felt so lost, dirty,defenseless, all semed a big hell, eventhough i know i dont have reasons for it.

Joan Marc´s, knoked to my door that moment that means that we have to go , finally arrived, all went so fast he brought me to the airport like always with the faith of that huge love that we share, i went there to take the plane that will take me to New York, new country, new continet, new experiences, who knows?.

This plane touked me to the big apple like they call this city, and like a big apple was my head too, full of tears, sadness, pain all those things that hapend to us when we leave the loved ones back,and you really dont know if you will see them again.


Flat Iron Building

Already in the hall of the airport, that place where people let their feelings and emotions flow with no problem for me was the same, when i saw Joan´s Marc leaving i couldn´t be strong and i cried, in my mind i saw Carol´s that the last days has opened my eyes to make believe that everything is posible, i also saw Silvia´s, how much se had suffered and i cant find the words to make her feeling better, oh well life, sometimes just a kiss or a hug , can breack your own world in little pieces, your heart beat disorderly, and tears make their way to the freedom, in this moment you try to still time to this short kiss or that sad hug, and the only thing you can say is i love you…

But what an irony when you´ll find yourself inside this plane , hoping that Halima´s i´ll arrive safe, when you think how much money they make you pay for her having a place into one box on the celler of this bloody plane?,and me from my side just looking trhough this little window with only one wish, the wish of jump and hold them again, and telling them that they are one big reason for me to keep believe that Gambada´s i,ll go further, and helping my heart to find the way of the hope in this unfair world.

I´ll keep moving in this my world well wrapped again with this solitude, but never with out forgeting to say a big Thanks to all of those that try to help me, like Koos from Bike-Tech in Barcelona, that he made a new brand Halima´s with all the pasion and becouse he believe in this little project, thanks to the people of Moulanda to create for me this new blog that i hope you all like?, and at the same time i´ll make Gamabada´s closer to other people´s too.


who´s cleaning the windows?

Big Thanks to Silvia , to have done all she did, for not having anything in echange, but injustices that she doesn´t deserve at all, to those that are part of me, like Sara and Joan´s Marc, Carol, Jess and others that always well be on the back satge of this teatre that´s my life today, and making me believe, i really love you , and i really hope that our path will cross again very soon, thanks to blow this fresh air with love that i hope i´ll help me to chasse away all the bad devil´s on me and fin the right way eventhough i´ll be hard.

Yes, the Big Apple , this city that when you arrive makes you cross some silly steps, that goes from crossing the inmigration points, if everything goes ok , you,ll fine, if not a pretty lovelly day can become a real mess, if you ever visited the USA, you´ll know what i am talking about, me i have crossed this first step smudlly no problem, but when i arrived to pick up Halima´s, it never came out, i had to claim it, i waited and waited looking at this silly place where the casses come out rolling and rolling , and rolling again, but after more than one hour finally the box appeared, it looked like it came from one war, it was full of holes, but on my first check seamed that Halima´s resisted the battle, then the last step, when i wanted to cross the last point of imigration this door that puts you to the freedom, a friendlly cop,(this is a joke of course)stoped me , he wanted to check inside the box, i was so cross and i talled him to leave me alone , is just a bike!! bloody hell, when i saw his face i understand that i had to shut off, but after some sorry and a friendlly talk , we all ended like silly people looking through the holes into the box to chek it, seriouslly is this world normal?


They love to be on the picture (man on my back)

And here i am in this huge city, ready to leave tomorrow,if i find the way of course, if i do i´ll head towards north wishing that Gambada´s find the best tracks,that will bring me again to believe that we can still make some changes in this unfair world….

In fact!!, i couldn´t find the Twin Towers, do i missed something?


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