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Windhoek , head city of Namibia, there is where everything is boiling, the good and bad of this country.

I,ve arrived here on a sunaday day, the city looked like it was attacked with a chemical bomb!!!, it was empty, with drowsy streets, standing the strong heat.

In one petrol station, Jesus welcomed me, he,s a spanish guy that lives here, he found love and put roots too, he gaved me with gratitude a place to stay for a wile, and at the same time he was the connection betwen me and the little spanish comunity that lives here.

Talking abaut them, i have to talk abaut the huge help of the Spanish Emabassy, trough Nacho the Consul and with the permision of the Ambassador, they made that one door open for me to get into Angola, Angola right now doesn,t give any visa at all, but with their effort and comminment Gambada will be allowed to caresse the Angolan land with the Halima,s tires, all of this with out making so much noise.

Eventhough ihave to say that wasn,t easy at all. the Angolan Embassy laughed at me for three days, to finally give up in front of a little pile of american dollars, i really dont know what to say abaut?

In this city i am spending my time, waiting, learning and also triying to find the way that willl bring me to help.

I share with happiness one spanish radio station program, made for those that one day left back their roots, we talk with out yearn, abaut books, kisses or simply spanish omelette, is just nice and funny.

I am waiting for some tires that so gentlly Bike_Tech in Barcelona sended to me , but it seams that they wont arrive, i am learning abaut the frustration that run inside my veins when i heve been try to be robbed with a knive, those three thiefs thise time gave me the chance to take a big stone , and swearing some catalan word to find a little gap , that allowed me to run , and run and run, till i could hide behind the security of big walls with a electric fence on it.


Herero Woman

The Capital city, where everyting boilds, the good and the bad of this country, country that everybody tries hard to compare with Switzerland, but me i cant find the Alps with the snow, and of coure the exquisit swiss chocolate!!!, but i do very often find a big german influency.

Windhoek the capital city, where everything moves hold with the capitalism and consumism hand that can almost hug it complettlly.

An i feel that is like this, that they leave behind those daily afrikan scenes, like growinding cassava on the streets, shouting, cleaning dishes or clothes, dealing among lots of people on the streets, with their lovelly colors or strong smells, maybe is time to believe that there is no way back anymore?

Eventhough I’ll try to let the future being the judge… and wile this words, and the writen facts are the mirrors of my reality, and my way to see the world, i,ll finish this chronicle like always, saying lots of thanks.

Thanks to, Jesus and Familly, many thanks to Ushi and Werner Drayer to host me , to Bike-Tech in Barcelona, and with a vey special Thanks to, the Spanish Embassy, to gave tme the chance to enjoy of the miracle of one sad visa stamp , on my passport.

The Capital city, i could talk lotsabaut it, but it,s almost 6 o clock and the bomb it,s abaut to fall, streets will be empty, and is time to hide behind those sad hig walls..


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