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I recover the memories of the african cities, i do it clossing the pages of my misseries lived in the capital city.

And today id like to pull the veil of the sweet face, and see the bitter and sad face of the misery, when you leave behind the luminosity of the streets, with some pretty buildings, and you head north, little by little you,ll find yourself in another kind of city, actually we are entering on a town ship territory.

A colourful naif huge painting made with tousands of tin houses, this is the place that so often we define , like where the violence , garbage, drugd and bad things happend.

It,s true , that there life is different, It,s true that there the weekends in those tousands of shebeenes (ilegal bars ),lots of people hide their reality drinking local an lethal alcohols, not far from there the Death stand still in each corner.

It,s true that this big town ship, sneackes like a huge metal warm in one anarquik way for almost , 15 km, it,s also true that the whites pulled them there during the apharteid.

But me i dont want to talk abaut it, i want to talk abaut my presence there, the reason? just Help !!!!

And thanks of, Xavier Ramells, Juanky tattoo, Jaume and Elisabet, Joan Marc and Sara, Monika from Mariental and Friends, and faithful escorted by Fritz Zender from Michelle,s Mclean childrens Trust, i had the chance to pass through the veins of this place, and realising, that eventhough all the Hells have their own Paradise, and you can find there people who really fight with out much help, but they fight and dont give up.

And like this i,ve arrived to Love Your Neighbour orphanage in Okuryangava, Katutura. i hear from behind dirty rusted tin walls, big loughs, inside, 150 kids, learn how to fight for a simply life, and they spend all their energy helped by the amazing Mrs Alida and hes thin husband, i,ve been there several times already, and my heart burns of unger and happiness when i am listening those boys /girls, shouting my name, i felt vulnerable, and important at the same time, just to have the chance to touch their wounds, changing smiles with them, there are lovelly times among difficult times, and today i would like to talk abaut one reality that i am not strong enaugh to resist my self on my own solitude.

This donation allowed me to give them, 1.200 kilograms of food, 600 packs of soup, and gas for them, this is the equivalent of not worring for at least 8 months, and for this i really thanks to all of you again!!!

But also allowed me, and with my own desition to pay for the funeral of , JOHANES JAY JAY, a 14 month old child, that died thwoo days before my first visite there.


No comment..

You may think , what a way to help is this ?, well, i really dont mind what people could think, because i know that people who help me , they trust too, and my heart talled me that i had to do it when i was listening thelittle boys and girls talking abaut him,

The last sunday 29th of March, the day raise up sunny, little wind make it better, and at 8 oclok, in the morning i went to hes funeral, it was so strange, i didn,t know him, i have bought the coffin, arrange the services of the ceremony,and when they decided that they have to show me him, so small, so soft still, i felt a big emotion, a cried while the little hand of one of he,s friends hold mine, it was my comfort, i felt happt too, when the sad mother said thanks to me.

So many things, so many emotions that i couldn,t resist and i had to leave , i didn,t feel comfortable there, JOHANES JAY JAY, only 14month old, i didn,t know him, but ido know he,s little friends that are also exposed to all of those injustices.

So often we think what is good or bad, what is right or wrong, but this sunday nothing mattered, that day all fitted in one little shiny coffin, that shouted of hope to all of those that still have the great chance to have the posibility to breath.

Far from there, the tall buildings of the capital city, not so far from a place where the fact of having acces of water is like having one of the most value treasures.

150 kids shouted my name, all of this because of your help, i promise that ill go to see and touch them again.

When the night open the doors of the bad things, i close my eyes and i can see, so many pretty shiny lights, is Katutura town ship, so close , and so far at the same time!!

With your permision, i,ve wrote this chronicle dedicated to those kids of Love Your Neighbour Orphanage, but also especially for JOHANES JAY JAY, whatever he,s now.

He doesn,t have any lapidary, any sign at all, hes death certificate says, JOHANES JAY JAY , 14 month old, NATURAL DEATH.

I close the page of the missery and ill stay with the smile of hes friends, and me i,ll keep huging the world.



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