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Some day during 1986, one abandoned kid went asking for a help in one of those metalic containers, build for this pourpose, this happened in Hout Bay, a suburbe of Cape Town.

Few years later, Hout Bay settled a new town ship named Imizamo Yethu or Mandela park, then some poor families stablished there, more or less 400, they needed help too, and very fast the town ship groed till what it,s today, a very vast amalgam of shcks painted with pretty colors, that hosted more than 20.000 people.

streets there are simply alleys, the anarchy of this maze spreeds at the same speed as the illness, and violence, and all of this not far from the one supossed paradise like Hout Bay, but at the same time so close of what it means being poor.

In Imizamo Yethu, more than 600 kids, like the ones that one day in 1986 asked for help, they need help too, they are either abandoned or ill, something that must seam common when is abaut poor Afrika, and here is when because of this kid named James, and today a fortunate firemen, in Hout Bay, started the name of one huge project runned in this town ship, the JAMES HOUSE,

This project takes care of basically all of thos 600 kids in need, and why i am saying all of this? i do because today i am feeling extremlly proud of the good hope of the people who believe in help.

And in this particular case, of the kids of one catalan school named ARTUR MARTORELL, also JORDI i MERCE, DIEGO, AND THE EVANS FAMILLY, i am proud of them because they gave me the chance to blow new fresh air in a shape of real Hope,i am feeling grateful to have the oportunity to share my time inside and outside, those precarious shacks, listening the problems of those families and especially touching their reality with my hands.

My hours, and days spended with them brought me hundreds of furtive looks, hundreds of hugs that i dont have words to exprese them, on this page they are only words, but in my heart they are gartitude, to all of those families that opened wide the doors of their houses to share with me their privacy.

How to express all this amount of sensations?. well, i have to say that,s very easy, just being there, crossing those fragile walls made in tin, that hides other realities, sharing at the same time hapinness, and why not touching the scars of many injustices, all of this with out stop being myself, with out reoudiate the pain, or simply running away of the dirt or bad smells around…

Being there making sandwiches, or preparing food for those kids are simply acts among the autenticity of hundreds of loocks.

On the bottom of Constantia Neck, not long ago some shacks burned away, inside them some kids loose forever the chance to be helped, and at the same time they will never see the pretty colors of the new shacks in the same place like nothing ever happened, life continues they say.

JAMES HOUSE, it’s a huge project in Imizamo Yethu, runned by he,s MD, Mister Christo, What a name for thos ewho believe in God, but for those who we dont believe we also have some wonderful womens that work in the project too, and spend their days and dreams for those kids, maybe one day will have the same chance that James had one day in 1986.

Today Gambada smiles again, and i have to say thanks to all of you to allow me to be the expresion of the feelings to those who believe in helping, and i really wish that i could expres myself till the point that all of you could feel the sweetness of the little caress that i recived in the town ship of Imizamo Yethu.

I have to say thanks to the big work is done in this project, and inviting all of you to open wide the eyes to some other realities.

In this town ship i felt again the ticklish before the happinnes, and i have realised that the right people meet and the good hope doesn,t need to be called, it comes along.

JAMES HOUSE, a house to be loved.



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