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The legend says:

Stony colossus, that erect after the old Peruvians God was touch because of the sobbing of the soldier Huascar and the Huandoy maid, before convert into a mountains, and their sobbing to the Orconcocha and Chinancocha lagoons that after while it will be named,Llanganuco´s lagoon.

It´s no long that I was there and I have to admit that surrounded of this nature marvels and these beautiful legends I feel very fortunate.

I´ve arrived again to Huaraz city, I did in silence and very grateful towards the enormous help that Benkelo´s and his wife Malu´s give to me, they are those kind of people that it´s very very difficult to put in a paper the right words to say Thanks, even though I will spit those from the deepest part of my heart to see if it works, “many many thanks to you “



They also introduced me to Sabine´s and Katherine´s, two responsible of one organization named “Ser Niño”, that takes care of more than 400 kids in need, and they try to do their best, because of this encounter, we tried to find places where myself I could suit and do talks and like this having the chance to help, so this is how it was, and till today I’ve already gave several talks and several donations in form of lots of food and clothes, so, for this I have also to say Thanks to,Mi Cheff Christoff,to Huescaran school, and the Tersopolis dance school, to borrow me their auditoriums, and class rooms to share my “war” of consciences with their students and peoples from the street.

After those the ball got bigger and bigger, and I have some other talks stand by.

I´ve already helped at “Ser Niño” and other association named “Pibe”, that also care for more than 50 street kids, kids that the only thing they want it´s to have enough freedom to have a better life that the ones that they have right now.

So far, almost 500 kids, that don´t need names or the medals of those that believe unjustly that save them from their luxury homes in Europe or other countries from the first world, those kids they only need to keep going day by day, and I believe that it´s because of this that they are able to show gratitude with the best of their smiles to any simple assistance, and at the same time they make me feel much more human, just this simple and sincere, just they and I, without lies, without selfishness, without politics, without oil ,without wars ,without schedules , without… anyway a long sad list that never ends, just them in their own world, not better, not worst, just the world that unfortunately they can´t chose and we often we forget about.



So, today far from the pretty legends I have to say thanks to you little guys to share with me your wonderful reality, that gave me the chance to help again, although isn´t so much, I have to say Thanks too, Alfonç and wife Elisabet, to Abel Gurt and Manuel David Gutierrez, that from the anonymity they share also their help.

How wonderful it´s this sensation to bring all this food and clothes to those kids, and helping them to keep fighting on their grey worlds.

So, this is the prelude of this bizarre man that try to explain with words the sad nostalgia of all those kids that luckily I can huge them yet, and I am sure that they will quicken my memories when I won´t be here anymore, so, even though many time life gives me so many reasons to yell of rage, It will be unfair if I will, so I will keep laughing of myself, and I am sure that in my happiness you will find many of reasons for keep fighting.



Life offer to us, many of those moments of happiness or sadness’s, even though some of us keep move without any direction, and for sure the sad moments of saying Goodbye again, will come, then I will be no more words left.

How many times I have live this moment, and all were so difficult for me, but in the end of the day I must be happy to have found you, happy to have lived this unfair dream, so real that I still don´t know how to understand.

With this weather that I have ahead of my eyes, I guess that waiting isn´t this bad, because of you I am generating tranquility, that I really need, meanwhile I watch those grey skies change, I will keep creating as many chances I can to help here, because those in need they can´t wait.

Those are the same ones, that no matter are kids, can´t hold of the past, neither the sad memories, they are able to not ever open again those wound already healed, because they are pretty sure that the sun raise every day without thinking about the night.

The skies of the pretty Cordillera Blanca today are grey and doesn´t allow to see the soul of those free blues, today it´s another of those days where the colors rest, the afternoon was happy and a strange wind took it off.

But the truth is, no matter it´s dark or not, blue or not, I’ve never stop to see those eyes shine, the eyes of those able to still my solitude with their happiness, the ones that makes me understand that they aren´t poor, they just fight against the poverty, they are the same ones that yesterday whispered in my ears, isn´t true Nando that doesn´t exist impossible? You, the ones that live a life full of surprises should know…

The silence take over me among this simply language, this simple that even myself can be able to write it, it was like I was reading my own life.



Today I felt sadness and understood at the same time that we can feel love through those little eyes able to say all the words that for me are so difficult to say, please invisible writer, where are you? Help me…

I will write, with tears full of happy moments, because in the end of the day it´s always me the ones to receive the hugs able to stop the time, and in this precise moment I will dream about your smiles, the same ones that relieve all my needs to express as always with bad written words that I would love that may help you to see new paths.

Again and again, I will ask myself the purpose of explaining my feelings? And I do realize that I do it for them, because it would be very possible that this will be the last time that I see them, and this is why through these words I would let you know that selfishness today you have been my bigger thrill…

I will get into this huge abyss of feelings, I will when I decide to keep going on my journey, that I am sure another new life it´s waiting for me out there, a life that I am not sure if I will have the strength to understand it, but, who cares! I have all my time.

I can´t leave without remember all those folks that I saw again, those that I love, my family and of course all of those that as usual I will forget to name, but the ones of you that already know who you are, I will love to ask you to keep taking me into your hearts, meanwhile from my side I will take you all wherever I’ll go.



I will keep trying to learn about this life, although knowing that many times I was wrong, I only wish to be forgive, but you never doubt that I will not be afraid to be wrong again, and like this having the chance to follow new challenges.

Even if here rain pours, even if the skies sometimes are so dark that hurt the eyes, I have live the pleasures that come out from the heart, you have stilled me so much time that I’ve even forget that I am not quiet healing, even though I do feel much better, and that feeling of taking the bicycle again it´s the most reward I can have. I am sure that very soon I will pass by again to those people from the mountains, with their burn faces and their permanent shy smiles.

I wish that the way towards you it will never be very long, Thanks a lot.

Soon I will go into those thick oceans of mist, and with a deep sigh and closing my eyes I am sure that because of you it will be like I was already did a world tour, your world, when I leave of there I will keep stare at the beauty, the solitude, the freedom … those words that always go with the confused traveler.

The legend says:

That in Huaraz city you can catch the dreams…



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