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The capital of Sonora estate a city with more or less one million people´s and a blue sky that burn your eyes when you stare at it.

While i was comming i felt that i liked the name of this city Hermosillo, (means lovely), this place expands towards east from the bottom of the Cerro de la Campana, the faithful and eternal lookout, and also this place lodge that dream that i´ve talled you on my last chronicle.

When i´ve arrived i had already decided that i´d love too help here, and i have started to ask here and there and after some awnser i felt that something could hapen, and finally with the help of the friendly Joselino´s Ferrer i´ve arrived to the Kino Institute, a place that acomodate 90 kids in real need, and with lots of strain and luck , maybe one day they will be able to be one more in this society.

Right now this place looks like there´s no need for words or gestures , just the wonderful look of the kids.



The Kino Institute it´s managed by Father´s Villegas, a tired body and a sharp look, behind all this tiredness there are more than 50 years of hard work in a shape of help, and today´s this place it´s the reference of good hope in this city, and at the same time the sun on the darkest days for all those little tadpoles.

To be honnest i could write and write about them and also the other thousands of kids that had already passed here and today´s some can see the future with their hands full of hope.

So, there´s where i have arrived, i had some words with Father´s Villegas and i never doubt that i will give all i had for a new donation.

But first of all i have and i owe a huge thanks to Jordi Ramells,Josep Roig,Elisabet and Jaume,Pulette and Steve Liendberg,but the biggest thanks are for the parents and kids from the Artur Martorell School in Badalona(Catalonia), to allow me again to be me the ones who distributes this hope.

This donation i´ll be used to buy lots of food, and i promise you that those kids are very very grateful towards you all.

After this happened the ball of the pain became bigger and bigger, media wanted to be involved too and this brought me to do some talks in the university, there my fee for the students was just more food and the chance to realise that also them can make little diferences, and they did it!, i´ve recolected almost another half ton of food.



Hermosillo, how beautiful it´s having the chance to be again the hand that touch the wound and the heart that you offer me to have the chance to be with them, me, this day i also discovered that i needed to be wrap up of those lovely smiles of all of those defenseless kids, yes , they are only kids it´s true, but, they understand very well what it means that people we like to do for them, and they are so grateful with shouts, laugh, touch, just simply acts that made me much more vulnerable.

Father´s Villegas, also opened wide the doors of this place for me, so i´ve decided to move here and live with them, and share my time with them and the people that works here just for the passion of believe that sometimes dreams can be real.

Mary´s works very hard to make sure that the food that comes out from the kitchen it´s eateble, and the pretty Sofia´s brings me wherever i need to go with the biggest smile, so, what else i can say?.



I guess the only thing i can say is THANKS to all of you for blowing this fresh air that allows me to feel much more humain and share the love of those kids and triying to take them with me wherever i´ll go.

Hemosillo,Sonora´s capital city, a desert with a huge green garden of 90 kids full of energy and wish to get out of all those injustices so dificult to believe today´s in the 21 century.

But, after seeing the results, me i am just enjoying every moment saying what i want to say, and life pulls me out so much weight that i feel that i could fly.

I´ll keep drawing those path on my thoughts and i will feel all those moments becouse i am sure that none are the same and never come back again.

Before arriving here i felt so small, but those little tadpoles made me also realize that the ones that avoid the passion die slowly.

What a wonder that some kids that can, help other kids that can´t, and think of me to be with them…



I´ll keep serching this genuine hunter, this stranger that searchs and search for many years.

One day, a normal day i have arrived to a city, more a town that a city, the name is Hermosillo, and i had the urge of finding, of listening, and i found a shape of smiles from 90 kids.

they never hide to me their hapinness, the same ones that sometimes make us believe that nothing it´s impossible.

And like this when we will grow adults well never forget that night are made for the tales, when i felt sleep i could see all those that i love, and in my dreams Carol´s explain to me a lovely tale, a big smile sized me.

All my Thanks to the kids of the Kino Institute for not alowing me to sleep….




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