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The Grand Canyon, one of those especial ocassions, one of those places that i guess everybody have heard ones in their lifes.

I,ve been here the last three days, and i have to admit although it´s a very turistic place(more than 5 milion people per year), tha´s so inmense, one of those landscapes that in the end of the day you dont even know where to look anymore, you dont know where to take pictures at, sucks!! so huge to huge for me.



Far behind i have already left the Navajo´s and Hopi´s indians land, far behind i also left so many memories, so many hopes and indeed so many disillusioned, if it wasn´t like this it wouldn´t be real isn´t it ?.

Grand Canyon, getting till up there ((7.300 feet), isn´t easy, hills are long and pronounced, and same time they still you all the breath that we have left, days are also short and cold but eventhough this for me was an especial ocasion.

Obiouslly inside this park all is forviden, dont do this, dont do that etc etc ,, but the day i have arrived i did at night of course! and i could sneake in with out paying the expensive entrance fee, and also becouse it was very cold i have camped ( well lets say like this) into one of the public toilets, a nice room with 5 WC, thwoo sink and hand dryer, what a luxury…, but the next day i havent been that lucky and i have to find a spot into the bush to put my tent, something not easy here if you want to do it with out beeing seen.



But why i am writing about a place that everybody know?well for me there is something else, it´s a promise, it´s a dream, one day i have promised Carol that i´ll bring her up here inside my heart, but the most important reason for me was a dream.

A dream that it came out mid 2008 while i was in Mozambique this pretty african country that almost changed my life´s gap for one love, that love had the same name of my bike today´s HALIMA´S,one day when she was already really sick we where talking about banal conversations, nothing especial, but staring at her constant smile ammong her pain i have asked her, if you could have a real dream now , what you would do ? and with out any doubt she said to me, i´d like to go to the Grand Canyon, and me with one self controlled smile i promised her that one day i will, thwoo days later she died into my arms.



So, when i have arrived to that first place where you can see this inmensity of the Grand Canyon, i felt so happy, so lost, so full of life, i wanted to shout but i only cried, oh well how simply we can be sometimes!.

Then i sat with my legs hunging to the void and talked to Halima´s and to those that i really love , no matter if they are here or not, and then i have realised that even it this place it´s so huge, i´ll be never enaughf if i compare it to all the love that i recive.

So, yes i did another dream, it may seam weird for some of you, but i am sure that all of you that you know who i am talking about and thhe list will be so long to express here, that you´ll be happy to have been here through my eyes and my heart.

So i just wanted to say that in one calm corner of this inmensity i have raised with little pretty rocks that balance betwen me and all my feelings.



So i just have to say thanks to life to let me be how i am , to let me be there, and also just the fact of having the chance to breath, to help and putting all those wonders so close to you all no matter where you´ll be .

So thanks Halima´s to give me the strengh to get till up there, this place where you feel so big and so small at the same time..

For you Halima´s and all of you …



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