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My web site is working again,first of all i would like to say sorry to all of you for all of this silence, and at the same time thanks a lot for understanding it.

Lots of things hapened since, the South Afrikan burocracy, and a missunderstud from my side, puted me awy from this continet for a wile, everything hapened to fast, so fast actually, that i have to thank Xavi to help me to fly there, with no time to organize it.

When i was in the plane, thinking that i have left Halima, and all my memories there i felt so sad, i tryed to see them betwen the white clouds hanging on the pretty sky, but nothing was ther just clouds thru those little windows, why they are so blody small?.

My world was weak, but a ticklish talled me abaut people that i would see there, and i never expected to see them anymore, at least in a short time like this,so far so good, but eventhough landing in Barcelona city frighted me, i felt lost, like a stranger in he,s own country, well actually isn,t my country anymore now, for a wile i didn,t know where to go, i needed a phone to call the rescue,and the only thing i wanted was leaving again.\

But the feeling of those that i know i,ll see soon helped me to stay sane in my mind, very difficult thing on me i guess, ha ha,

So finally i have managed to leave the airport, and seeing all of those that i could hug again, those that i could kiss again, meeting new born, and remembering the day that they disapear behind my tears the day that i was leaving, longtime ago now, but life, or basically the burocracy, brough me there ahead them, and since then all went so blody fast, to fast, that i couldnt have enaugh time to see everybody that i would like to see, and this is why i would like to apologise, and ask them to forgive me for not having enaugh time to spend with them.

I also have to say that basically my days runned thru, papers, doctors, and blody european stress.

But somehow, i,ve managed to hug all the loved ones, also a bit of time to remeber how to suffer when you stop climbing for that long, and the nature gave me again the chance to deal with the snow, that i didn,t remember how cold it was, wile i was doing all of this, while my time seeamed to belong to others, i also had time to realise how important are all of those that can fill my difficult lonelly moments, no matter where they come from, no matter their skin color.

Going back to Europe, wasn,t on my plans anymore, but i had to, and i have to say that today when i am on Afrikan soil again, far from them this quick trip made me realise abaut the value of Gambada, and how important is this project for me.

This chronicle, after this long unliked silence, is a way to say a big Thanks to all of you, Afrikans, or Europeans, Asian or Americans, doesn,t matter, and today i wont tell the names of all of thenm, because i am sure i will forget some, and i am sure that i will feel gulty for it, but i am sure that all of you who are concerned you know that those words of Thank you are for you and come straight from my heart.

And i also have to thank, all those students, that in Catalonia invited me to their schools to share with me, my feelings, my experiences, along this time, so many things to say abaut them, but i would like to stay in one student, she,s from Senegal, she left her country when she was 8 years old, now she,s 12 years old, and we both liked Afrika, but she missed a lot her country, and she wispered with fear that she really missed the way of living there, very simple, very natural, the smiles made the differences for her, and when i left i,ve realised, that what i did in Catalonia, no matter how quick was, helped to understand what myself maybe i never understud abaut Afrika, thru their eyes, I saw the light that talled me that because all of you, white or black, today i can be who i really am, because of you i can do what i am doing, and this is why i think, that gambada it,s also all of you.

Then, finally when i have landed in Cape Town, a big smile with big shiny theeth, welcomed me, i felt happy, and ready to start working hard, for learning, for helping, and why not maybe for being a better person, and thanking the life for the chance that it gives to me for just being able to breath.



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