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From several days i did a circle that took me from the Wasatcht mountains to Las Vegas, passing trought Zion national park, yes i did all of this invited for this huge smile named Carrie,s.

Leaving the mountains and heading south towards the unknown desert ( well at least for me),a few stops here and there, and this changing scenary, the weather didn´t count so much although was wet and cold, but the wonder of new discoveries make the days the only thing we need, we dont even have to think on messuring it on the materialistic way, just with the lovely fact of beeing and feeling all we really want to feel

We left the snowy Salt Lake City, we did it towards that naked silence that nature offered to us so often, wen yet can say that this nature isn,t manipulated for the humain beeing, this pleasure of having the chance to be out there, breathe this thin air that still today´s we cant take the risk of saying that´s still not polluded.

We keept going southeast, no far from Bryce canyon,this place where the red color dominate and its formations are simply stunning, but like always those things happend before we can digest all this wonder, the ones that we can touch and feel it.



In one of the few stops, sky was so grey, cold was sharp but all was so great that we decided to go out there running, yes i said running, this movement that my legs already forget, i remember that the last time i had run was in Namibia while i was escaping from some thiefs that tried to steal me,( oh man i hate running), but this time i did it for pleasure.

From there we headed south, till Zion´s national park, that place full of red cliffs and long and narrow canyons, those that had been filmed or phoptografied for thousands of times like when we would like to still it soul, i have to say or admit that this place it´s so wonderful, but at the same time i am sure that for me all those places , and others in this world aren´t the same with the right company, there are stillpretty but quiet lonelly, but me i had that chance of sharing all my OHHHH, with Carrie´s that for sure she thought that i may be crazy everytime that i was surprised for this wonder , especialy for her that she´s been there many other times already.anyway…..

But for me the sherry that will end the circle of this cake was Vegas,



Vegas, this place that finally after beeing there i can say in my humble opinion, that´s the most absolute and depressing exageration, my eyes were lighted with all this neon lights, all this waste, all this need to be there and have so much fun, all this believe that we can maybe touch this dream of becoming rich, oh well, maybe!!

Maybe one of those milions of naive people that we visite Vegas, and we all contribute of making this big lie bigger and bigger, in the same way that we contirbute of making wars a huge business that make somebody very rich, we also contribute of believing that help is just a matter of milions and having something back, or what about corruption?or this believe on our country? what a big joke this patriotism thing!!!, oooppps sorry this is just my humble opinion, the ones that comes from somebody who doesn´t live a normal life , according of the standars of this society,oh well who knows?…

But far from this in my circle there´s only passion, that passion that helps me to live, helps me to believe on those that i do love so much, helps me to be myself in this world with no many straight awnsers, i just enjoy this journey that no matters you believe or not i´ll bring all of us till the death, and this is what we call it LIFE.



Today´s i got a big huge Thanks, and it goes to Carrie´s this big smile with legs, she gaved me the chance to know more, she did it with hapinness and honestity, and helped me to understand again that in this world we pass by people´s always for a reason, and then it´s just our aim to accept it or not, (this kind of Serendipity i guess)….

That circle brought me here and there, and returned me back to Moab, this place full of red dust and lonelly sky, this place that one day again putted me so close of beeing who i am and making me believe in what i am doing or feeling.

Last night i have talked to Carol, and the fact of hearing her voice made me feel free, loved and with that wish of keep fighting, id would love to hear other voices too, but…..

and maybe one day i´ll close this circle of my life knowing that somebody else lives better becouse of the simply fact that i helped her/him, loved or making them laughing, this circle, the celebration of the wonder of just living in the way that we really feel we have to, the strenght of doing it in this hostile land that we ourselves invented in our simply and silly minds.

Temperature keeps dropping, wind stops, and a ceiling of grey clouds hang on this silent desert, absort in my thoughts i can hear myself, while the sun hides behind the mountains, my wet eyes will keep looking with a soft melancoly towards the shiny light.





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