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The wind, this ones that so many times i hated,the same ones that made me company among the Nebraska plaines, every single day triying to make me feel more vulnerable, but the same ones that doesn´t stop me, allowing me to pass with out leaving any trace, i´ll keep moving in this world made out of iron and concrete,all of this that very often we love to abandon, for then some years later remembering it as our history, this kind of sad print that doesn´t want to know anything about so many people today´s doesn´t have any simple shelter to be under, any humble nest to have a bit of their privacy in their lives.



We, those that we travel with the wind,those that you can´t find on the history, just becouse we´ll never leave any trace, only those that stay on the deepest part of the hearts of those that we pass by , or we love.

This wind that helps us to sail in this world, a world that so often descrive us as a different, that sometimes call us adventurers or even wanderer or homeless, but myself i ask what does´t it means exactlly?means not fearing the freedom?, traveling with a free espirit?, well to be honnest i really dont know, and i really dont care!

Few days ago i´ve meet George,one of those guys that we often call “homeless”,we sat next to the road and we chat, we laughed and we both knew that any one of us leave any trace,he feels free in a world that doesnt accept hes way of living, me i am free in a world that so often i dont understand, George has a pure look, and a stady walk, he has all hes life ahead although he´s got a diseases that pulls off all hes skin, but nothing of this stopped us to hug each other when the time for leaving came, this will be the onle trace that well leave, well take it with us, while i was leaving he called me again, and with a big smile full of teeth less, he hugged me and vispered on my ear, Nando, you and I we are the same, we have the chance to hear the birds singing, and the wind whistle, i felt so happy and sourrounded the hole day.



The next day when i awake i´ve lived the paradoxy of this world, while i was seating in on cafe , having a coffee, and watching at the people,a lady well dressed came to me ans asked? can i seat with you?i said why? she said, i am feeling so lonelly, then i could see on her eyes that pain that we cannot buy no matter how much we have, the solitude, i´ve left and i said sorry, in this precise moment i could feel again George´s hug, a simply homeless.

But my nature pushes me to keep going, to look forward, always with our light luggage, eventhough that sometimes feels to heavy for me, and this is like i found myself in Nebraska estate, triying to understand the wind among this plains that look like that will never end, and one the other side of it you can only find this line that divides the world, but that wind that gives you enaughf time to share with lovelly people´s, gorgeous scenery, and indeed all of this with out leaving any trace when Halima´s tires pass by.

This long way that´s supossed to bring me close to the Rocky Mountains, those that sometimes i feel that aren´t there, but if i close my eyes i am really sure that there are!when the night comes and the wind brings me back the solitude i can see on my dreams, all those big smiles full of whithe teeth, the same that one day hugged me, hosted me in their houses or their humble huts, but also at the same time i can feel the heavinness of so many good byes, those that will never come back,all those lives that the wind tooked forever.



But me i´ll keep going with out leaving any trace, although i carry so many in my heart, all these from those people that just love me becouse i am like i want to be, like those lovelly and curious look of these cows when i pass by, that last hug with Joan Marc, that you never want it to come, that Carol´s look that in silence tells you all that you need to hear in that moment, this wind that cleans the sky full of injustices and travel with a cheek with out leaving any trace.

We are those that every new day we learn how not to call adversity at the fact of falling and standing up again, we just keep going becouse in any single pedal stroke our way gets wider and wider as much that it can feet all we need, and all those people´s that makes our world the world that we really want to be…

Nebraska estae, full of cow-boys ( a little dream for me ),an estate that smothlly brought me till the Rocky Mountains, on it´s bottom me and Halima´s well have a rest, before getting ready to start climb and climb, as high that maybe one day with luck well be able to touch the wind.

In a mean time in Golden Colorado, a surprisse waited for me, Sharon and Charles that host me in their nest like i was one more of their sons, tooked me with the wind back to Marquette Michigan, there i could hug deeply Rita´s and Glenn´s, one of those sensations that you never believe that will happend again, and in this moment you just want to shout how nice is this to be different if that means to have the chance to see and hug again all those that you love.thanks again to all of you ….



So back again in Golden, the Rocky Mountains still show their esplendour, and me i still have a bit of time for dreaming, so, why not beeing a cow-boy for some days?, when i arrived here i´ve meet Jhon a nice man that talled me that he had a ranch, in that moment i saw the light and i talled him my wish to be a cow-boy and he laughed so much, and said, well if you want to ride a chicken for me is fine, my ranch is a chicken ranch, oh well, maybe another time!!!so i´ll keep going with out leaving any trace, fighting for all of this that we cant conquer, neither this that we impose, becouse when you love something or somebody you have to leave it free , and believe deeply that one day i´ll come back,and just keep contemplating our lovelly lifes, becouse is only ours, keep enjoying the time that like the wind never stops, flies at its own ritme with out feeling guilty becouse only us are the owners of our time the ones that teach us that the most difficult isn´t to reach the top, it´s just never stop going up.

The wind, something else that a word, a wisthle,an imagination, just the wind the ones that pulls us with the passion of living…

While i am looking for a horse to be a cow_boy, does anybody know how to ride a bloody chicken?…



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