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Last days in Moab went to fast, as fast as this weather that brings the cold, the cold that penetrate you like it was a sharp knive, sky turns to a dark grey color, people´s become much more sensitive, it´s this fight against the titanic feeling of accepting those short days with out sun light, those days that we try so hard to warm up with big dreams that help us to see further, eventhough we just want to go till there we feel good, and nothing else.

In Moab i saw many colors, i have enjoyed, i have lived, basically i have felt that humain warm that helps you to warm the deepest place in our heart, that warm that help us to keep going, that help us to find those pieces on our puzzle of life, pieces that sometimes seams so impossible to find them, but also at the same time this wonder to realise that the best thing isn´t to be able to find the pieces is the feeling of not wanting to finish that puzzle becouse that help us to be awake, to accpet the passion of living, the passion of discovering.



So, what we need for all of this, in our complicated world?well, i guess that we only really need love, smiles and all those little things that we cannot buy.

Utah trapped me a bit, its landscape putted me so close to that peace that my body asked for so long ago,Utah opened for me again those trails that brings you to those places where you can find new sensations, like those that we have sometimes when we cry on the bicycle with out knowing exactlly why,that wonder that we find behind any single bend on the road, the pain of all that we leave behind, in fact just all, becouse this is all we have,when we cry , when we laugh, when we miss, all this life that isn´t anything else than love, a love that we may cant conquer, but this love that gives us the freedom of living free, like those birds, like the nomads, like the ones that goes with the flow of those frezzing waters, with the bitter wind.

Remembering again those blue days where everything seams so easy, those days where the hapinness could be that grey that doesn´t mean hapinness anymore,but in the end of the day this is the live that we have chossen and the ones that we are ready to live like it was the last day of our lifes.



In Moab i have walked among lovelly places, in Moab i have dreamed and shared nice moments with wonderful people, also in Moab i´ve meet Carrie´s, a wonderful smile with legs and lovely white teeth,she just came back from the dark Afganistan, so many things to say but all wraped with lovelly smiles.

She offered me the chance to visit Salt Lake City, Utah´s capital, meeting her familly, beeing so close to this salty huge lake, or just on the bottom of the pretty Wasatch mountains,and this is where i am sharing all this wonder, all this humain warm that helps so much on those dark grey days, thanks again Carrie´s keep not loosing this pretty smile.

Salt Lake City, another big city , not very different than the other big ones in America, buy a city full of charm, with that lake, with those mountains, and this huge humain warm.



From this city i can see the gray days pass by, i just want to be close to the sky to maybe be able to still a kiss, i really dont want to think in what i have i had or will have, i just want to keep beeing who i am, living with this passion that gives me all the chances to have dreams and make them real.

Soon i´ll be going back to Moab, and i´ll be missing so many moments lived here, Moab this place that provoke ilusions, this place that puts you so close of those places that yoou want to be, that place where one smile, one day was much worth it that any other kind of friendship, a place where the cold it´s just another simply excuse, becouse for me today´s i can say that my life it´s full of this lovelly warm that we all need, that warm that transport you whatever you want to be.

i am comming back from the horizon, and i am comming back dreaming again becouse those bring me free to those places where i can be able to understand that in the puzzle of our lifes , we really dont miss thos hidden pieces , we miss so many smiles….

Last night i went to sleep watching the moon, and today´s somebody that i love so much wroted for me this,hug me moon and take me with you, till where this bright light never stop shining, wind, allow me to dance with you, and take with you all my best wishes for those that are far from me and that i have them into my heart.





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