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This place where i saw many illusions passing through, the same place where i could recover dreams, that place where tha Guayma´s peoples looked carefully at the horizon waiting impatien if the tail of the tsunami finally will come, this sadly catastrophy that many newspapers used to distract other problems.

The malecón.

This place that brought me back again to my own world, from this place i went to San Carlos, this quiet place where i´ve meet again the lovelly smile of Joy´s and Buzz´s, one american couple that gaved me the same smile and kindness while i passed trough their town seven month ago in Colorado USA.

They lie their cold winter down here in Mexico enjoying the waters and the maild weather of the sea of Cortez.

This exactlly same pleasure it´s also for me now, and i finally have the chance of recovering a bit of my identity far from interviews, talks, sadness or lost battles against those that have the power…



Here in San Carlos, i can also recover the beauty of past moments, and feeling the pleasure of what i have already done here in Mexico.

Staring at the sea, i could have the wonder of an stunning visite, the ones of some dolphins that delight me with their pirouttes, it looks like they knew very well what i was waiting for… they really help me to recover some lost energy.

The brise of the sea also burn my entire skin, and looking at it i do realise that i never ever want to think, where my life would be? the ones that could be and never has been?..

Then i forget and just look further thinking that for me is not allow to not smile at the problems.

I am getting lost among words, the same ones that i never get to write down, those moments, illusions, those smiles that made me feel happy, and then i feel that i am on the right way, at this precise moment another dolphin shows me what he can do, a huge jump worth of the best of the acrobates, and in my admiration i am sure that i have that silly face full of that “WOOOOOOW” on my lips.



In this moment i am lost on you look, and me the traveller i do realise that sometimes i do want to stop the distance, and also sometimes i do feel able to believe that i can stop the time, that same time, that gives me the pleasure to be where i am, to do what i am doing, to feel helpful and so loved at the same instant.

From this malecón, i´ll say goodbye to my past days here, from there i´ll keep moving forward becouse i am happy, and i know that i still have so many reasons to fight, although sometimes i stumble, but i must stand up again, and never give up.

I stare the sea, and i can see my lovelly Carol´s wispering me, there are so many wonderful moments in this short life, risk it….

trough inside this sea i can see those moments on my own, and from far, to far sometimes i can feel next to you… and it´s then when i do realise that i do not want to commit this mistake that we often do, just the fact of not being happy..



And i know that i dont want to be the ones that one day will say, i didn´t take the risk in this wonderful game of life.

Today´s my hapiness peels out my skin while the sun gets into all the balconies of my interior.

The malecón.

This place that with the wawes can bring me back all the smiles of those people that i have helped here, the same ones that i also said goodbye and i may not will see them anymore, but i do want to believe that one day maybe somebody else, would do better that me , and help them again to change their diary rutine.

meanwhile i´ll keep thinking that dies slowlly the ones that cannot find any wonder on itself, or also those that arent able to dress up with another new colour.

From here the malecón, i am lost in words, those that i may never will write down, but looking at the sea i can see your smile, far another dolphin play´s with hes life.

And again sad and unfair news writen on the newspapers about the tsunami, i trow it away and think, What this our wonderful world would be if we all could talk loud and clear through out of our hearts?.



But with the same amount of time that last one extraordinary jump of one dolphin i realise that the ones that we want to say clear and loud that this world it´s so unfair, we all, already lost the battle..

But eventhough all this i can see your smile shiny, and i will keep every day sew illusions and being closer and closer of you.

from the paths of the afternoon when the sky play of changing colours, i´ll stay near the sea keep finding awnsers with broken smiles.

The sun hides into the night, i turn the light and jump out of my dreams…

From the malecóm i am lost on your look.

And becouse of all of you, i´ll keep fighting and maybe i´ll get again thousands of smiles..

The malecón.





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