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Before anything, i have to say sorry for this late, it been so difficult to find internet all this time, but I am still here.

So after this, I would like to say that I am into a new country for a wile, this ones they call it, Gabon ,this country isnt big isnt small, their population is not even one million two hundred thousand people, but paradoxlly they have the same annual budget than Camerun, which is much much bigger and it seams that the budget is not enough.

In my opinion, Gabon is green , very very green, full of rain forest, full of huge pretty rivers, and also full of petrol, coming in from the south, terrible dust roads, break the natural colours, and also sometimes make me kiss the ground, oneof this times was enough for me to pay another visit to those terrible hospitals for some stiches in my arm, nothing so bad if you see how much suffer the peoples that are in there.

Even though, every time that I am getting into a new country I try hard to imagine, how it could be, their people, their traditions, their food, but the nice thing is that every time I am wrong.

Gabon right now is deep into a new government elections campaign and I have to say that the hole population seams so irritate, the country spits fire, and the alcohol that the candidates give for free in exchange of false promises make the rest, or just makes the problem bigger.

And this is how among dust, bad roads and excited people, myself Ill try my best to pass through with out being seen so much, but my bloody white skin informs that I am there, and those days here there is always a reason to not trust anybody, I say it because the other day, in one police control, they stoped me , I guess they did ,to have fun with the white, so one of those arrogant cops asked me cheekily, if all my papers were in order? Me obviously I asked why? And my surprise was then when the cop said, just because you could be one spy, I couldnt believe it, but with one of my silly answers in the wrong moment, I said laughing, what I am supposed to spy, the corruption? OH NO, when I saw his face I knew that for him I was one spy, but after a long, to long talk, with to much of tension and stupid questions, I could manage to explain exactly what I was doing, and just after this he allowed me to continue to swallow dust, of course not with out telling me with a angry cop face, you white, better pay attention, this is not Europe, this is since that right moment I have decided that I would never ever speak in French to the cops.

Forgetting this bad experience, bad roads brought me between mountains, till Fougamu village, there like the other places the alcohol was the most important thing those days, but somehow people leaved me alone this time, and leaving this village was so exciting, because not far from there, the green colour was so green, the smell of humidity the inexistent dust, gave me a big gift, a smooth tar under Halima´s tyres made me forget so fast about past difficult days.

Very little pretty villages along the road, with lovely wood houses put life on those lonely roads, just some big trucks carrying big trees that take at least hundreds of years to grow , but just some minutes to be cut, and selling to foreignCompanies that doesnt seam care to much about it.



Following the big rivers I went to the capital city Libreville, I arrived there with the wish to leave as soon as possible, I just went there to apply for the Camerun visa, wile I was waiting I just got lost on small and big streets, I visited lovely little markets with their stands, that sometimes made me stop to inhale so many flavours that often all this mixing gave me a feeling of being dizzy.

Libreville, I didnt like it at all, or just my wish to get out from there made me feel not to like, it was just that I didnt really want to be there during the elections results, so , at the same moment Ive got the Camerun visa, I left the city on my way to Ndjole,this part of the country is full of high rain forest, and also full of bloody high hills than more than one time made me push HalimaŽs, but even though Ndjole ,was the ideal spot to hide myself during the elections, this village is small, is calm and their habitants seamed dont care so much about one alleged spy with a bike that it looks more at one fully charged donkey than a bicycle, and this is how in Dede´s house I waited for the calm coming over.

There I had so much time to think, to dream, I tried to believe that maybe one day Africa would be fair , but again I realised that the politics dont know what it means democracy, but also had a bizarre sensations to know that even from our supposed clean and democratic first world there are still so many people that support all those injustices, I guess this is the paradox of one huge lie.

So, elections passed, I have nothing to say, just that it was a big shame, and the answer is that in the big cities people fight, burn markets and the care few is declared, so , me from my side I understand but to be honest the only thing I want now is leaving this country, and today from the doors of the Guinea Ecuatorial and Camerun, smelling coffee and cacao, i am not sure my wishes will come real one day in Africa, and I guess that from their side they are very happy that a fake Spy finally leaves this country.Gabon so green.

Mister white, you better pay attention this is not Europe, this is Gabon.



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