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With the discovering of other regions in S.A., with the great surprise to realise that some of them there are simply stunning, i keep spending those waiting hollidays days, i did it blessed with the company, of my dear Jess, her company made my days much better, made my days believe that wonderful moments are always very simple.

People around this country are in hollidays right now, (well not everybody of course), so for this Gambada is waiting for the end of those to do some talks, and also a donation in one orphanage, in a mean time, i enjoy, i dream and i also work on believing that my life and this project are the best i could ever do.

Those days came with full of different sensations, everything seams to go very slowlly, e-mail, post, people, evnthough they all seam very happy no wonder abaut their realyties waiting for them, all of this brought me to see the undesirable world of the western society.

Here in S.A. during this time people travel a lot to enjoy, but at the same time you still obiouslly can see lots of people working very hard, bending their bodies like a huge “L”, they are those who keep the gear of this country keep mouving, with out them the engine of the world ill crack down, they work hard and they can raise sometimes the look when they see pass so close to them a big 4×4, thowing a never ending big blody boat, sailing for those roads on a search of pretty beaches, like those here in Cape Town.

This Turistic city, where i came again to spend new years eve, not for the day but with the wish for those that they dont have the chance to celebrate any kind of holliday, because for them like for me all the days are the same .

Actually i ahave to say, that from my side i was lucky, (lets say like this ), to be invited to one private party, one of those where anyboby knows anybody at all, one of those where all the skin color is white, and all the smiles are quiet fake, i really dont like those days, but…, waiting fro midgnight was a mission for me, but finally some shouts, and some drunk people anounced the new year, more fake smiles, and one minute later i was heading out to my place with the sad image of some of the girls jumping into a ridiculous plastic swiming pool.

The day after, i felt that i needed to recover that Afrika that i know, the ones that needs help, the ones that deserves much more, i also missed so much the days passed with Jess discovering new bouandaires, and i went to another lunatic landscape, the ones of one town ship next to Hout Bay, people there are poor, some very poor, but i saw lots of kids playing with a real hapinness, and it made me realise that poor kids are as happy than rich kids because they cant yearn a lifestyle that they dont know, and also realise that sometimes a big fall has much more succes that the exploit of walking on a rope hunging very high.

The day after was another normal day, that i wish ill bring me to understand the scars that make the map of this unfair world, and at the same time one day will disapear all those murders, that are the worst thief, because they are those who still the most value of their victims, their past, and their future.

In a very poor township i saw kids playing happy among the garbage, Santa Claus seam to have forgot them, but i must say that for me they didn,t need Santa, they had all, they had a happy simple life ..

And when i was leaving looking at them, i was remembering pretty landscapes and smiles, and some words that Jess wrote ones came to my mind, she said ” Dreams come, Dreams go, with barriers and defeat, but in the end of the day our dreams awared us, when we succede in catching them, they gives us light wich shines upon us”

She,s right, and with this light, my world has a name, and this is Gambada, and because all of you i feel the privilege to be who i am, to say what i am saying, and liked or not, believe or not, ill keep dreaming, and figting for this project or any project that involves have the chance to give some little hope to those in need, and maybe, one day, the day after some new year, ill would have succed in another dream..

The Day after i saw kids playing very happy.




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